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Men Estrogen!

by Fabian

Control Male Estrogen Levels!
Maximize Testosterone Production!

Dear Mark,

I thank you very much for this very informative site you created, I enjoy reading the feedback you send me and I've learned quite a bit from it.

I am waiting for the Testosterone Boosters to arrive, and I plan to take them as follows :

Mon : Tongkat Ali
Tue : Deer Antler Velvet
WED : Catuaba Bark
Thu : Tribulus Terrestris
Fri : Mucuna Pruriens
Sat : Rhodiola Rosea
Sun : Passion RX

My question is : Do I have to take the 8th day off and then start again on the above schedule, or do I not need any days off.

Regarding Estrogen, do I have to add the Chrysin to my daily intake or do I just have to watch myself and ONLY use it if I have sore nipples or difficulty urinating at night.

Also, are there other Estrogen Blockers I should add?

In general, is my plan above correct or do I need to make some changes?

Appreciate your help & reply,

Thanks & Regards,


Men Estrogen!

Control Male Estrogen Levels!
Maximize Testosterone Production!

Hello Fabian,

Your plan looks great!

I would take a day off once a week, just because I think it's a good idea to give the liver a break once in a while.

Plus, when you take a combo product like Passion Rx, it's a good idea to have a supplement free day, to give your body time to re-set itself.

You've got the concept down with the estrogen supplements.

Only use them when you are feeling the effects of excess estrogen in your system.

Based on my experience, sore, itchy, or inflamed nipples, and difficulty urinating at night are good indicators that E levels have gone too high.

For more detailed information on this subject, navigate to the page below.

Male Estrogen Supplements

Good luck to you!

Men Estrogen to Boost Testosterone-Home

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