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Male Estrogen Supplements!

by David
(Ankeny Iowa, USA)

Male Estrogen Supplements!

I understand that I need to cycle on at least a 7 day cycle.

But do I need to take the 500 mg of nettle root and 500 mg of chrysin with the Herbal Testosterone Supplements
I am cycling?

Thanks, tell me if I didn't ask the question in a way that you understand.

It has been a long day.

Male Estrogen Supplements!

Hello David,

Yes, I understand you completely.

Unfortunately, Estrogen Blocking Supplements are more complicated that testosterone boosters.

With the T boosters, you simply take a supplement, then take a full week off before you use it again to prevent tolerance build up.

The estrogen supplements are a different story. You really only want to take them when your estrogen levels are too high.

How do you know when that happening?

Here are a few things to look out for...

Sore, itchy, inflamed nipples

Difficulty urinating at night

Bitchy, irritable mood


If you're taking testosterone boosters but still suffering with Poor Erections, low sex drive, depression, lack of energy, estrogen is most likely the culprit.

Take an estrogen supplement on those days, and pay attention to how you feel.

You goal every single day of the week should be to have plenty of sex drive, loads of energy, and a happy, positive outlook on life.

When that isn't happening, keep estrogen in mind, but also think about these factors as well...


Have you had too little or too much? Shoot for a minimum of 7, but no more than 8 hours every night


Drink too much, and you'll take a hit in the T department.

Chemical exposure

Paints, household cleaners, perfumes, exhaust fumes will all wreak havoc on your hormonal system. Avoid them if at all possible.


On days when the Testosterone Boosters really kick in strong, take an estrogen blocker.

When this happens, your body will convert estrogen to testosterone at a higher rate.

Cut this conversion off at the pass, by supplementing with chrysin, or nettle root.

Good luck!


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