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Male Weight Loss! 21 Years Old & 330 Pounds!

by Jose

Male Weight Loss! 21 Years Old & 330 Pounds!

Hi Mark,

I googled high levels of testosterone and found this site, thank god.

I am 21 years old, measure just 6 feet and I weigh about 330lbs.

I have been pretty big my whole life and I finally came to a decision to change my life.

Can following your routines help me lose weight?

Male Weight Loss! 21 Years Old & 330 Pounds!

Hello Jose,

I believe my way is the only way!


Because my system revolves around eating real, whole foods.

This is not a low on fat, low on calories, high on willpower Diet.

Those systems are doomed to failure from the start, because they rely on extreme willpower.

You see, in a world full of temptation...

Where there's a donut, a bag of fries, a cookie, a super size soft drink, an ice cream shop, with your choice of sweet sticky toppings, around just about every corner...

You can only rely on will power for so long!

Yup, in this environment, willpower is doomed, cursed, dead in the water.

You have to have a plan to survive in the modern world.

Especially you Jose, and here's why!

You're a supreme fat accumulator!

The proof is in the fact that at 21, you're already 330 pounds.

Your body is very efficient at storing body fat for the lean times.

Unfortunately, in your world, the lean times never come!

There are no famines, food shortages, or starvation in your environment, there's only an abundance of food.

The type of food that encourages your body to pack on the weight in overtime.

Male Weight Loss! 21 Years Old & 330 Pounds!

Your focus needs to be on fat reduction right now, not testosterone.

Put your wallet away, and forget about the Testosterone Tablets the Penis Ring, and all the other protocols mentioned on this site.

From here on out, you need to be living and breathing fat reduction.

How do you go about that?

You don't deprive, you substitute!

Instead of a bag of fries, and a large Coca Cola, you have a juicy steak, an avocado, and some fresh fruit.

Do you see the difference here?

Plan A is loaded with junk fats, refined carbs, and sugar.

Plan B is real food, plain and simple.

And when you eat the real stuff, your appetite becomes regulated, automatically.

Instead of constantly chasing your next sugar buzz, you'll find that you'll can go hours without even thinking about food.

How's that for a novel concept?

I do have to warn you though, your addictions aren't going to just fade away into the night.

You will have powerful carb and sugar craving early on.

The good news is, you can slam the door shut on those craving simply by filling up on real food.

Stay the course, and in a matter of weeks, you'll find that the craving will fade into the sunset for good.

Male Weight Loss! 21 Years Old & 330 Pounds!

Once the body fat begins to melt off, you can begin to place some of your focus on other areas.

I recommend...

Male Estrogen Control


Muscle Building Exercises

Once these areas are mastered, you'll find that your male hormone levels will begin to come back into balance naturally.

If you still find you need a little nudge, then you can start thinking about the herbal testosterone supplements, and the penis ring.

At this point your system will be more than ready for these, and your body will respond accordingly.

Just don't pull the trigger too early.

Focus on the body fat now, and everything else will fall into place!

Good luck!

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