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Low Testosterone Levels Genetic?

by Bob Flaur
(Norfolk, Virginia, USA)

Hello Mark,

Id just like to start off by saying thank you for making this site. This is one of the few sites with valuable information on Testosterone.

I've recently been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. My first test was at noon, and came back 133 ng/dl. Second one was 224 ng/dl at 8:00am. Third one came back 192 ng/dl also at 8:00 am.

I am 20 years old and I believe I have had low testosterone levels all my life.

I have always felt miserable just like I do now, but in the past 2 years after graduating high school its reached an all time low as I ballooned up to 308 pounds at 6 feet.

I think I should throw in that I've been overweight almost all of my life. I read the info that bodyfat converts testosterone into estrogen.

The blood tests show my pituitary gland is not working right and is not sending enough luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone to the testes.

The doctor told me this is called secondary hypogonadism. I did not get my estrogen level because the doctor was basically rushing me out the door.

I did some research and saw that obesity can cause secondary hypogonadism. The doctor offered to put me on testosterone replacement therapy, but I refused, as I felt like she was just rushing me out of the door with the TRT.

Right now I am in the process of trying to lose the weight to bring my testosterone level to a normal level for someone my age. I assume this would fix the problem as I have a pear shaped body, which as you said is a symptom of high estrogen.

I've gone from 308 at 6 feet to 241 in 9 months. Recently though I've somehow gained back 2 pounds even though I'm almost positive I didn't overeat. My body seems very resistant to losing weight. I feel very miserable but I feel like all I can do is keep on trying my best to lose the weight.

Finally my question is, if getting to a ideal body weight for my height does not fix my testosterone problem, is it possible that I have genetically low testosterone levels?

If my pituitary still refuses to pump out more LH and FSH even at a ideal body weight, is TRT my only hope to ever being happy again?

I have had to struggle to lose every pound of fat, so to finally get down to my ideal body weight and still have low testosterone levels seems very depressing.

I feel as though I've had low testosterone levels all my life so I am not sure if the low levels are from obesity or genetics.

That is why I wonder if losing weight will not fix my problem, perhaps I should jump on TRT from now and not delay the inevitable.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Low Testosterone Levels Genetic?

Hi Bob,

I have to state this before we get started.

I'm not a doctor, and all the opinions expressed below, are just that, opinions.

If you need more clarification, read my full disclosure at the very bottom of this page.

OK, back to you...

I know it sucks big time for you right now, but trust me, it is going to get better.

We're going to talk about how you can turn your situation around in just a moment.

But first, we need to a look at your situation as it stands today.

Two out of three of your blood tests came back below 200!

Testosterone levels that low can only mean one thing for a man.

You have absolutely nothing positive going on in your life....

No energy, sex drive, creativity, excitement, dreams, ambitions, zest for life, and no happiness!

At 20 years of age, you should be lean, mean, confident, and energetic!

You full time job should be chasing women, living life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, that's utterly impossible for you right now.

Low Testosterone Levels Genetic?

Before we move on, I'd like to talk about your doctor for a moment.

In a perfect world, this woman would have her medical license revoked.

Yup, that's how I feel about her!


She'd be tarred, feathered, and run out of town in shame!


Because she blew it with you.

She didn't give you her time, and the advice she gave you wasn't worth a pile of spit!


A 20 year old should never be placed on testosterone replacement therapy!

There are exceptions to every rule, but not many with this one.

Of course, she didn't have many other options, did she?

When you're burning through 8 to 10 patients an hour, you simply don't have time for the types of conversations you and I are having right now.

She has just about enough time to write out a quick prescription, and that's it!

It works out great for her!

She doesn't really even have to think or use her brain that much!

Pull out the pad, write the script, you can pay at the door BOB, thank you very much!

20 Years Old, Overweight, Low Testosterone!

You can look at your situation in one of two ways.

You're either metabolically gifted, or metabolically screwed.

Gifted in the sense that your ancestors we're very successful at one very important thing.

They were masters at packing on fat, and burning it up as slowly as possible.

This powerful survival mechanism is probably the only reason you're walking around here on earth today.

Let me give you an example to show you what I'm talking about...

This scene I'm about to describe to you has played out, on every single continent on planet earth, over many thousands of years.

For our purposes here, we're going to talk about China!

When the mainland Chinese jumped on their boats thousands of years ago, and sailed for the pacific islands, many of them starved to death.

Storms, high seas, and navigation problems, often lead to extended periods of time drifting out in the ocean.

Drifting with limited food supplies!

In conditions like this, it truly was survival of the fittest.

You either had the stuff it took to survive, or you didn't.

And when you didn't, you died!

This is the environment where your ancestors thrived.

Bear with me, and keep all this in mind as we fast forward to today...

In the modern western world, where there are no famines, food shortages, or starvation, things get tough for people like you.

Food supplies are virtually unlimited.

Combine that with your virtually unlimited ability to pack on bodyfat, and you've got big trouble.

A great modern day example of this phenomenon can be seen in the Samoan people.

100 years ago, these people were known for their incredible, lean and muscular physiques.

On a diet of fish, coconut, and other indigenous foods, they were the absolute picture of health.


Once exposed to Wonder Bread, Hostess Twinkies, and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, things got real ugly for them, real fast!

Physically, they simply were not able to cope with this culinary onslaught!

Proof is in the fact that more than 75% of all urban Samoans today are morbidly obese.

All that in a quick 100 years.

This brings me back to you, Bob!

Genetically, you're like an ancient Samoan.

And, to thrive in the modern world, you're going to have to start living like one.

How do you do that?

To start, you need to switch to a paleo diet.

You need to replace all the processed, refined carbs you've been eating, with whole, real foods.

The types of foods that your ancestors evolved on.

Here are some examples...

Fresh Fruit

If you can make a serious commitment to this diet, trust me, it's going to change your life, in dramatic fashion, almost overnight.

The fat, that has completely taken over your body, will melt away so fast, your friends won't even recognize you.

As the pounds fade away, your body will slowly begin the shift from estrogen dominance, to testosterone dominance.

Add weight training into the mix, 3 times a week, and you'll begin to pack on muscle as well.

Muscle that will burn off even more fat.

This is the key for you Bob!

You need to make a 100% commitment to the plan outlined above.

Make the commitment now, and do not falter!

In the mean time...

Don't waste your money on testosterone supplements, a ball zinger, or anything else I recommend on this site.


Because they won't do you a bit of good right now!


Once you've transformed your body, you can begin to add these things into the mix.

And once you do, your testosterone levels will really begin to soar!

Good luck to you!

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