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Testosterone Weight Lifting!

Fitness and Weight Training!

Testosterone Weight Lifting!
Fitness and Weight Training!

Lifting weights boosts testosterone levels.

Not light weight, high volume stuff.

Heavy and intense is what gets it done...

Look at it this way...

The effectiveness of your workout depends on the amount of muscle recruited in your routine, the load you put on those muscles, and the intensity with which you stress those muscles.

For example...

A strenuous squat routine, using heavy weight is going to be much more effective at boosting T and building muscle than doing 150 reps on a leg curl on a machine.


Multi joint exercises and heavy weights will trump isolated exercises and light weight every time.

Deadlifts, squats, bench press, and pull ups recruit a lot of muscle. You could build a powerful workout routine around these four exercises alone.

Testosterone Strength!

Lift weights in sets of 3. Researchers at Penn State determined that this results in greater increases in testosterone compared to one or two sets.

Rest a full minute between sets, so you can regain enough strength to lift at least 70 percent of your one-rep max during the second and third sets.

Also, use weight heavy enough that you can only lift it about five times. A Finnish study found that this workload produces the biggest boost in testosterone levels.

Testosterone Muscle Mass!

If you over train, meaning you don't allow your body to recuperate between training sessions, your circulating testosterone levels can plunge by as much as 40 percent, according to a study done at the University of North Carolina.

Overtraing causes an increase in cortisol levels. If you feel irritable, tired, grumpy, and listless, you probably have elevated cortisol levels, and are most likely overtraining.

Studies show that testosterone levels will increase with an exercise duration of 45 to 60 minutes. Exceed that amount and cortisol levels begin to increase.

Plan your routines accordingly!


Go Easy on the Aerobic Exercise

In the book titled, The Testosterone Advantage Plan, Lou Schuler, makes a strong case for weight training over aerobic type exercise if a man wants to promote healthy levels of testosterone.

Aside from the obvious physical differences between bodybuilders and long distance runners, individuals in these sports have very different health and hormonal profiles.

The Bottom line is, weight lifters have higher levels of testosterone floating through their veins.

Pass the dumbells!

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Testosterone Weight Lifting to NATURAL T BOOSTERS

Testosterone Weight Lifting to TESTOSTERONE MUSCLE


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