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Looking At Women - Loss of Male Desire!

by Guri

Looking At Women - Loss of Male Desire!

Hello Mark,

My question is about hormones declining and the ability to enjoy staring or gazing at a beautiful woman

An example of a beauty is my wife, or enjoying the sexy features of other females.

I am now 41, two years ago I suffered from male hormone deficiency with levels approximately at 250 ng/dl. This year levels are at the same degree.

Until this year I enjoyed looking and staring at a females face or her body.

But now I lost this desire, females now for me are like other objects in the nature.

Not sexy like before.

I am interested for your experience on this subject.

Is this reversible by regulating hormone levels, or do I have androgen receptor damage?

On the Internet sites, nobody cites losing this feature...

Sorry for my poor English.

Greetings from
Guri, Kosova

Looking At Women - Loss of Male Desire!

Hi Guri,

No problem with the poor English, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about.

The day you stop looking at beautiful women is a sad day indeed...

Sad because along with the loss of interest in the opposite sex, comes the loss of a whole lot of other things in your life.

Things like muscle mass, energy levels, motivation to achieve, powerful erections, sex drive, and sadly...your very own happiness.

You lose that happiness because you can sense that your manhood and your masculinity are slipping away from you.

In essence, everything that used to turn you on in life is now gone.

Women no longer motivate you, nor does money, fame, power, or financial security.

So what does that leave you with?

Food, alcohol, television, depression, and ultimately....pre-mature death.

Yup, men with severely depressed testosterone levels checkout early.

Not too surprising if you really think about it...What else do these guys have to live for.

Looking At Women - Loss of Male Desire!

This lack of interest in the opposite sex is a warning sign for you Guri.

A warning that you need to take dead seriously!

250 is a very low number for a 41 year old, and you need to take steps now to bring that number back up.

If I were in your shoes, here's where I'd start...

Cycle Herbal Testosterone Supplements

Wear a Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Reduce Male Estrogen Levels

Build Muscle - Burn Fat

Practice Male Edging


It's very unlikely you have androgen receptor damage.

ARD is typically caused by taking high doses of steroids which overwhelm the androgen receptors, and causes them to shut down.

I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you were heavy into steroids in the past.

If you were, that's a whole other story.

Good luck!

Looking At Women Loss of Male Desire to
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