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How To Turn Off A Woman!

5 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off

How To Turn Off A Woman

How To Turn Off A Woman - Guest Post By Jasmine Raymour

This article was written with the single guy in mind, but you married men will learn something too, so stick around.

I hope you enjoy it.

Turn off #1: Ugly Teeth

Yellow is not an attractive tooth color.

Listen up guys...one of the first things a woman notices about you, is not your amazing charm, it is your S-M-I-L-E :)

So if yours isn't pearly white, get thee to your local drugstore and buy a whitening kit.

Or better yet, go see your dentist who can whiten whiten whiten.

And once you go in for the kiss with those new pearly whites, please consider adding breath mints to your new sparkling smile.

Do this, and I'll gladly pucker up with you anytime you want.

Turn off #2: Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Even though I know I AM an angel, I know I didn't just fall from heaven.

The fastest way to lose a woman's interest is using lame, cheesy pick up lines.

That smooth line has been used a million times before, so lose it!

How To Turn Off A Woman

Want to really pique a woman's interest?

Ask her what she is drinking and why....then make sure to buy her that drink she just talked about.

This happened to me in a watering hole in New York recently, and it was a perfect ice breaker.

And when that drink arrived 5 minutes later, I was one happy, and slightly intrigued girl (:

Turn off #3: A Wandering Eye

If you have a wandering eye, I suggest that you invest in an eye patch.

Then, work on your social skills with women, because you clearly need help in this department.

No halfway intelligent woman is going to have, even the faintest interest, in someone who checks out every woman who walks by.

Unless of course that someone is Pamela Anderson, strutting by in her red Baywatch one piece.

Then and only then will I understand.

Otherwise, put all your attention on me, and I guarantee you, I'll put all my attention on you when we get home later that night (wink wink)!

To recap…

I suggest you use your roving eye to notice something besides other women….like how good my butt looks in my new jeans… Then Compliment Me On It!!!

Turn off #4: Getting Too Complacent

So you made it past my female radar, and you and I are now a hot item.

At this point, you must continue working to keep the relationship interesting, fresh, and alive.

So no sitting on the couch in your sweats playing XBox with your online friends every weekend.

female turn offs

I'm not saying you can never chill with your friends, but you need to do it with me occasionally as well. Trips to the beach, the park, or the pool are always nice.

Bringing home flowers every few weeks doesn't hurt either :)

One of the biggest mistakes men make is, they turn on the charm at the beginning of a relationship, then fall back into old habits and boring routines once the relationship has been established.

Make this mistake with me, and I can assure you, I'll be gone in a flash.

Turnoff #5: Rushed Sex

Sex is not a turnoff---sex with a guy that lasts 5 minutes is.

Pace yourself!

female turn off rushed sex

I don't suggest thinking of your mother during our most intimate moments, but perhaps thinking of the last time you clipped your toenails would help slow things down.

Spending more time undressing, touching, feeling, kissing, and non-penetration foreplay is a fantastic way to extend our lovemaking sessions, so do plenty of this.

Anything that will get you from start to finish in 20 minutes or more!!!!

We want to feel a connection with you that just can't happen in 5 minutes (or god forbid) less.

So focus on passionate foreplay, then slow down after penetration to prevent yourself from climaxing too fast.

Remember, looooong lovemaking sessions, with extended periods of penetration are the keys to sexually satisfying a woman.

Bonus points if you comment on how good my body looks :)

To sum it up:

  • 1. Yellow is not a good tooth color
  • 2. The more cheesy the pickup line, the worse the result
  • 3. Invest in an eye patch if you have a wandering eye
  • 4. Relax and spend some chill time with us occasionally
  • 5. Slow down and make our sexual encounters last and last and last...

That's it for now!

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I'll take your click as a compliment, and you know how we girls LOVE compliments (:

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