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Hormone Replacement Therapy Risk!

Male Hormones & Side Effects!

Hormone Replacement Therapy Risk

Hormone Replacement Therapy Risk!
Male Hormones & Side Effects!

There are always risks, anytime you try and take the easy way out...

Using alcohol to cure the blues, food to bring on happiness, or TV to occupy your mind, are just a few examples.

These are all dead end streets, that will always lead to the same result.

Disappointment and unhappiness!

Artificial testosterone replacement isn't a whole lot different.

I'll admit, it is the easiest route, but it comes with way too many side effects to make it worthwhile.

As a man, the first you'll most likely notice is, testicular atrophy.

Since your hormones are now coming from an outside source, your testicles will have much less work to do.

Like an arm placed in a cast, they will shrink in size, and atrophy, due to lack of use.

Your moods will be altered as well.

Since it's virtually impossible to mimic your own body's natural testosterone production, there will be ups and downs.

Days when the hormones come on too strong, or too soft.

On strong days, when the hormones hit you hard, you'll experience hostility, anger and unbridled aggression.

On soft days, depression, sadness, and hopelessness.

Sure, you'll get it perfect sometimes, but not often enough to make any of it worthwhile.

Combine all this with the sexual highs and lows, water retention, hair loss, acne, and ....

Well, I'm sure you get the point!

Hormone Replacement Therapy Risk!

You'll be much better off, if you fix yourself from the inside out.

It's not the easy way, but trust me, it is by far the best way.

Once you get your very own testicles producing testosterone at high levels again, you'll never have worry about injections, creams, patches, or gels.

You won't have to worry about any of the side effects that come along with them either.

Sound good?

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