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Denatured Whey Protein v.s Raw Milk!

by PP

Denatured Whey Protein v.s Raw Milk!

Hello Mark,

Thank you for creating this web site, it's really helpful and informative.

I'm 34 years old and in good shape.

I've lived a healthy life for the last 10 years:

I exercise 2-3 times a week, no smoke, alcohol, drugs, low stress, avoid junk food, sleep 7-8 hours a day, etc...

However I started to experience Erectile Dysfunction a couple of years ago.

I could get it up but it would not stay hard.

First I thought it would be temporary. I let it go over a year and things got worse quickly.

Finally I went to see my primary doctor. He checked my Testosterone level.

It was 468 total 12.6 free. He told me it was normal. I disagreed.

So a month later, I went to see an urologist who also ordered Testosterone and other tests.

He told me I was in normal range and gave me a sample pack of Levitra.

I believed the urologist gave up on me.

That’s why he gave me Levitra which I tossed in the garbage can. I'm way too young for that crap.

Denatured Whey Protein v.s Raw Milk!

Now I'm trying to cure myself and your website is like a blessing!

I just ordered the supplements you recommended and started following your advice.

Hopefully I'll see good results in a few months.

Sorry for the long background, my question is about Whey protein.

I've been doing weight lifting since 21 years old and have taken Whey protein for years. I'm no body builder, just an average Joe trying to stay in shape.

You mentioned that any soy product is the building block of Estrogen.

Whey is made from soy. Should I avoid it?

If so, what should I use to substitute Whey?


I would like to know the best way to check T levels regularly to track the progress.

My doctor would only order blood test for me once a year.

Do you know a good way to check it regularly?

I think I should track Estrogen Levels as well.

If you think I should also track other hormones, please let me know.

I admire you for doing this good deed to many men like myself.

I wish good things to happen to you. What goes around, comes around. :-)

Mark, thank you very much,

Denatured Whey Protein v.s Raw Milk!

Hello PP,

Trashing the Levitra was a very smart move on your part.

Hopefully you fired the jackass who gave it to you as well.

I'm really tempted to go on a medical man rant right now, but I'm going to hold back and answer your questions instead.

Whey protein is not a soy food, it's made from cows milk.

That clear liquid you see floating around on top of a freshly opened cup of yogurt is whey.

The vast majority of all whey products are not produced from yogurt though, they are byproducts of industrial cheese production.

Unfortunately, most cheese in the US is manufactured using pasteurized milk.

Why is this a problem?

Because the heat used to pasteurize milk denatures and damages the proteins in whey.

It also kills off all the enzymes and beneficial bacteria typically found in raw dairy.

Combine that with the fact that it's a highly processed, fractioned food and you'll see why I'm not a big fan of whey protein.

Denatured Whey Protein v.s Raw Milk!

I prefer to get my proteins the way the old school bodybuilders did....

From raw milk!

I typically follow a paleo diet, but when I'm in muscle building mode, I add raw milk to the mix.

This unprocessed whole food deliverers the proteins, as well as a whole host of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria.

If you can locate raw dairy in your area, I'd highly recommend that you use it instead of whey protein.

If not, switch to this Undenatured Whey Protein, which is produced at very low temperatures.


Do yourself a favor and don't fall into the compulsive testing trap.

Hormone levels fluctuate constantly, and attempting to get an accurate snapshot via obsessive testing is counter productive.

How do I know that?

Because I've tried it, and I can guarantee you, it's a complete waste of time.

Instead, listen to your body closely, and you'll know when you have it right...

Do you wake up with an erection every morning?

Are your Testicles full and heavy?

Are you carrying plenty of muscle on your frame?


Are you optimistic, motivated, happy, and full of energy?

If so, all is well in your hormonal world.

At this point you can forget the hormone tests, and get on with the business of living life.

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