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Old School Bodybuilding Foods & Testosterone Supplements!

by John
(Miami, Florida, US)

Hey Mark,

I really appreciate the website. I bought 10 of the herbal supplements listed on your site, including Passion Rx.

If I cycle these testosterone supplements, should I expect an increase in muscle mass and libido?

Is it true that in order to gain muscle a person needs to consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight?

Old School Bodybuilding Foods & Testosterone Supplements!

Hi John,

Yes, if you cycle your supplements properly, exercise correctly, eat the right foods, and take steps to keep estrogen levels under control, you will experience a profound increase in muscle mass, and sex drive.

How quickly that happens will depend on your current physical condition, your age, and how closely you follow the program.

Regarding protein, I take my clues from the old school bodybuilders.

Long before Bob Hoffman, Peary Rader, and Joe Weider came out with their denatured, and highly processed soy protein powders, guys like Joe "The Atom" Greenstein, John Grimek, and Mark Berry used good old fashioned food to get their aminos.

Mark Berry was a national champion weight lifter in the mid 1920's, and later moved on to become an Olympic coach, as well as the personal trainer of the late, great, John Grimcek.

Berry's eating plan?

Consume full fat raw milk, eat plenty of meat, eggs, cheese, poultry, cream, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

I've taken my ques from these guys, and I've done so for a couple of reasons.


These men built physiques that astound, even today, in our world full of performance enhancing drugs.


These guys had a tendency to live long, healthy and productive lives.

Grimek made it to the ripe old age of 88, and Greenstein survived until his 85th birthday.

Quite a feat for guys born at the turn of the century, when life expectancy for a male was a mere 46.3 years of age.

My advice to you?

Forget about the powdered, protein in a bottle concoctions.

If you're looking to build lean body mass, learn from the old school guys.

You'd be hard pressed to find better role models.

Good luck to you!

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