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Can a Domineering Wife Suppress a Man's Testosterone levels?

by Terry

Can a Domineering Wife Suppress a Man's Testosterone levels?
Hello Mark,

I have tried to find the answer on your site as you suggest, but because of my depression I find it very difficult to concentrate.

I have had my Testosterone level checked and it is 15 (UK measurement).

What I would like to know is, is this normal or low as I am experiencing all of the normal low T symptoms?

Basically I feel as if I am "withering away" both mentally and physically as you say on your site and need some help.

I've tried everything else with no effect: anti-depressants, therapy, hypnosis, meditation etc, etc....

This is my situation:

I'm 53, diabetic, erectile dysfunction, no confidence or self-esteem, absolutely no energy or motivation, man-boobs, major depression, anxiety, lethargic, apathetic, no desire for sex with my wife, although I still find women generally attractive.

My wife is domineering and controlling and I am basically scared of her and cannot stand up for myself in most situations and back down most of the time.

To sum up, I feel an absolute failure in most areas of my life.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply.

Can a Domineering Wife & Suppress a Man's Testosterone levels?

Hi Terry,

That fact that you actually FEAR your wife is all I need to know!

This makes it clear, that in your house, the wife has become the alpha, the top dog, the man of the house, if you will.

You've allowed yourself to be placed into second position, and now you're paying the hormonal price for that mistake.

But there's more...

Your testosterone level of 15 puts you a little over 400 in US numbers, which is obviously too low based on what's happening in your household.

But that doesn't appear to be your only problem!

You must have estrogen issues as well, because men simply do not grow breasts without a massive excess of this feminizing hormone.

Combine that with the fact that you have diabetes...a disease that pushes a mans testosterone levels down and weakens his erections, and we have all the clues we need.

But before we take action on these clues, let me get the disclosures out of the way first...

I'm not a doctor, and the information I'm about to give you are my opinions only.

In other words, I'm about to tell you what I WOULD DO if I were in your shoes.

Use this information as a starting point..then go out and educate yourself, and make your own decisions with the appropriate medical advice.

OK, moving on to the plan...

My first priority would be to get an iron clad get a grip on my diabetes.


Because I know for a fact that this disease could be the driving force behind ALL of my physical problems.

While exploring the link above, I'd make it a point to pay particular attention to the Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution recommendation.

I believe that every single diabetic on the planet, whether type 1 or 2, should own this book.

Yes, it is that good!

Next up...

I'd immediately go to work on Muscle Mass.

That same muscle that was torn down and eliminated by my diabetic condition.

Here's why this is so important...

The more muscle you build, the better your body's ability to handle the sugar that causes so much damage to your system.

Muscle is also a big confidence builder, and confidence is something you need more of right now, Terry.


I'd work to gently nudge my testosterone levels up well over the 500 mark.

This is an essential step, because there's a very strong correlation between blood sugar levels and testosterone in a mans body.

In essence, the more blood sugar you have in your system, the lower your testosterone will be.

It's one of those chicken or the egg scenarios, I guess you could say.

Of course, it doesn't matter which comes first, because I'd attack both issues with equal gusto, because both are so incredibly important.


I'd take steps to bring estrogen levels down into the normal range.

Can a Domineering Wife Suppress a Man's Testosterone levels?

I tempted to continue on Terry, but I think I've given you a big enough mouthful already.

But before I leave you, I'm going to throw a little tough love your way...tell you something you need to know.

It's time for you to stop thinking about what's gone wrong in your life....and start thinking about the possibilities that lay ahead.

Possibilities like self confidence that will show up automatically once you begin the transformation of your body.

The increased energy that will come once you get off the blood sugar roller coaster.

The sex drive, motivation, and optimism that finds a man once he's created balance in his hormonal world.

This is where you need to place your focus now, Terry.

And your domineering wife?

I have a very strong opinion on this subject...an opinion I'm certain you're not ready for yet.

Take the recommended steps above, make some progress, re-build your self confidence,


You and I will have a conversation about re-establishing the balance of power in your relationship.

Stay in touch Terry, and let me know how things go for you.

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