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Alpha Male v.s Beta Male!
Get Wife Back! Save My Marriage!

by Joel

Alpha Male v.s Beta Male!

Get Wife Back! Save My Marriage!

Hi Mark,

I have a lot of major problems in my life, that I'm sure stem from Low Testosterone Levels.

8 years ago, I was a strong, fit, and confident guy.

Today, I'm probably 60 pounds overweight, my marriage sucks, and I don't have the energy to do anything about it.

My wife makes more money than I do, is still in good shape, and is doing things with her life.

She has no respect for me, and it shows.

We haven't had any Sexual Relations for at least 6 months, and I don't see it coming anytime soon.

I want to change, and save my marriage, but I can't seem to stick with any of the commitments I make with myself.

Please help!

Alpha Male v.s Beta Male!

Get Wife Back! Save My Marriage!

Hi Joel,

You need a passion in life.

Something that will light your fire, and get you back into the game again.

Right now, you're sitting on the bench, and even worse, you're about ready to get cut.

Yup, you're wife is going to check out, and there's only one person to blame...


Go back and re-read your message to me.

Then come back here and tell me if you'd be interested in spending the rest of your natural life with....... well........you?

I know I wouldn't!

Alpha Male v.s Beta Male!

Get Wife Back! Save My Marriage!

You've become a beta male.

Stay your current course, and an Alpha Male is going to come along, and steal your woman away from you.

Here's why...

Women do not like wearing the pants, ever, in a relationship!

It's a major, major turnoff!

You may be asking yourself right now, is this about the money?

No, it's not!

As a matter of fact, about 20% of all married men, make less than their woman.

That's OK, as long as a few important conditions are met.


You had better be confident, and sure of yourself.


You need to be productive, and have a strong passion in life.


Your body needs to be in good condition.


Your woman has to respect you.

Based on your email, I'd say you're failing on all four counts.

If you really want to save your marriage, you need to pay close attention to what I'm going to tell you next.

You need to do whatever it takes to regain your alpha male status, starting now!

Fail to do so, and you're going to wind up an overweight, depressed, divorced male, without any real prospects in life.

Alpha Male v.s Beta Male!

Get Wife Back! Save My Marriage!

Here's what you need to do to regain your status in the relationship!

Lose Weight-Build Muscle!

60 pounds of bodyfat is a big number, so you've got some work to do.

But, nothing will bring on your alpha male status faster, than a full body transformation.

When you go from fat, and out of shape, to lean, muscular and fit, people will pay attention, especially your wife.

Self Confidence!

Your message to me was dripping with insecurity and self doubt.

That's beta male stuff, and women don't like it.

You need to change your mindset, and transform the way you look at your life, and your relationship with your woman.

This is going to be hard, but you have to do it.

From here on out, you need to demand respect from her!

How do you do that?

Stay busy and productive!

It's real easy to disrespect a fat guy laying on the couch watching TV with a beer in his hand.


It's impossible to disrespect a man of action.

Instead of spending your entire weekend on the couch, get up and do something with your life.

Tackle the projects you've been putting off for months, pursue a hobby, exercise your body!

If you want to really impress her, kill your TV.

I almost never watch it, and some of the most interesting and productive people I know rarely do either.


Be Strong and be Mysterious!

You need to take charge of your relationship from here on out.

Remember this important fact!

Women really do like to be told NO sometimes!

If you tell her yes all the time, she's going to gain too much power.

And trust me, women do not want that much power, they want their man to be strong!

So, when you're at the mall, and she says, the car is this way, let's go.

You grab her firmly by the arm, and say NO!

It's dark, and I don't like the look of that group of guys standing over there, we're going this way.

Subconsciously, she'll love you for that.

Take her out to dinner.

When she asks to go to her favorite restaurant, tell her no.

Then surprise her, and take her someplace she's never been before.

She'll love it when you take control like that.

Alpha Male v.s Beta Male!

Get Wife Back! Save My Marriage!


Cycle Natural Testosterone Boosters!

These supplements will give you the energy and motivation to get up off the couch and change your life!

You'll find that once your testosterone levels peak, it will be absolutely impossible to sit still.

TV watching will become torture, because it's boring, and you've got way too much to do anyway.

Exercise will get done not because you have to, but because you really want to.

As the body fat melts off, your muscle, and your self confidence will return once again.

And, while all this is happening, your wife will, without a doubt, be paying very close attention.

You'll know things are coming together, when the two of you start having sex again.

If you play your cards right, she'll be the one to make the first move.

When she does, you need to run the show, and take complete charge!

If she submits to you, and follows your lead, you'll know you've regained your status.

Once you've got it back, you need to do whatever it takes to hang onto it for the rest of your life.

Testosterone is the stuff that will make that happen!

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