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Androgel For Young Men? Side Effects & Complications!

by Matt
(United States)

Androgel For Young Men?
Side Effects & Complications!

Hello Mark,

I am 31 years old, almost 32, and currently on Androgel after finding my Testosterone level was 257-263 in two different tests.

It appears I am secondary (pituitary) as my Leutinizing hormone level was on the bottom 1/3rd of the scale.

An MRI indicated no tumors.

I felt like I had Low T because my confidence was lacking, and my drive was diminished.

It felt like everything I did was shear willpower, and sometimes I got anxious or nervous way more then I thought I should.

Physically, I think I was in great shape, I do martial arts and train 10 hours or more and can keep up with the teenagers and 20 year olds with no problem.

But, I haven't been able to drop the last 20-30 lbs of weight I wanted.

Androgel For Young Men?
Side Effects & Complications!

Sometimes I think I should have been progressing further with my training as well, but overall according to bioimpedance scans I have between 20-35% more muscle then the average 5'8" guy per my doctor.

My diet is OK, it is not perfect but I try to eat healthy most of the time.

I think the biggest detriment in my life is stress, I think this may be the source of my low T but my doctor thinks this is just a lifetime thing I have to deal with.

At any rate I was started on 2.5g Androgel, this got me to 347 total testosterone, but to be honest it was not such a big change.

I felt a little calmer, libido was up slightly, but that is about it.

Confidence is still lacking, no real performance change physically, etc...

They recently upped my dosage to 10g and I have not gotten to retest it yet, but honestly I feel the same as when I was on 2.5g.

Honestly, I am much more of an Eastern medicine type, fix the problem not cover the symptoms, but after years of trying various herbals and so forth the only results I got were fleeting.

Although I felt better when I did get results that way (better then Androgel), it just did not stay around.

I found your site and it mentions cycling herbals.

I am going to try that and reduce my Androgel back to nothing over time and see where I end up on the testosterone scale.

Do you have any other suggestions for me to make the best of this?

Androgel For Young Men?
Side Effects & Complications!

Hi Matt,

I'm getting emails like this much too often lately...

I know Slovay Pharmaceuticals would love to see every single man over the age of 40 addicted to their testosterone gel,


This trend of putting 20 to 30 something year olds on their testosterone replacement product is HIGHLY disturbing.

It's Almost Criminal!

I'd love to have 5 minutes in a room with you, me, and your doctor, so I could ask him a few tough questions.

Questions like...

Since we both know for a fact that this therapy will trash his testicles for good, what is your long term strategy?

To have him use AndroGel for the rest of his natural life?

If so, do you realize that we're looking at 40 to 50 years here!

40 to 50 years of mood swings, sexual highs and lows, testicular atrophy, acne, water retention, hair loss, and liver damage.

These are the side effects found during relatively short TRT clinical trails.

God only knows what 40 to 50 years of testosterone replacement would do to you.

One thing we know with absolute certainty is, at the end of this mad experiment, your testicles would look like a couple of sun dried raisins.

Matt, it sounds like you've got the right mind set.

I love this line you wrote...

I am much more of an Eastern medicine type, fix the problem not cover the symptoms...

That's all anyone needs to remember when they go in to see the doctor.

Make it a point to live by this philosophy for life, and you'll never fall into medical mans trap again.

Androgel For Young Men?
Side Effects & Complications!

You're still young Matt, so you can save yourself...

What you need to do now is kick start your testicles.

Get them back to back to producing testosterone, exactly as they were designed to do.

Here's how I recommend you do that...

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters

Reduce Your Male Estrogen Levels

The Ball Zinger Penis Ring

The Testosterone Boosting Diet

Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Androgel for young men Side Effects & Complications
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