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Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone!

by Mateusz

Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone!

Dear Mark!

As regards to my body shape, I am headed in the wrong direction.

As a young teenager, I lost many kilos, most of which was muscle.

Later in high school, I didn't have the motivation to work very hard in the gym.

Instead, I would spend a lot of time jogging or training in the gym, yet without high intensity.

During my first semester at college, I used to jog every morning, even in winter, for 30 to 40 minutes.

Although my jogging sessions were not extremely intense, I did pay attention to going beyond my comfort zone and pushing myself harder and harder.

Now, I feel much better and am more invigorated than I used to be, but there is still a lot to be improved in this area.

Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone!

My main goal for the future months is to improve my body shape, which will include better diet and more intense workouts.

Therefore, I have a couple of questions regarding the latter.

1. Can sprinting help me pack on some muscles?

Of course, I don't expect to have the body of a weightlifter, rather a more flexible and athletic one.

While I feel that sticking to a routine of regular sprinting is very plausible in my case, hitting the gym 3 times a week is not.

2. Should I combine sprinting with jump rope exercise?

If I decide to do both, does it mean I need to make sure that I don't cross the limit of training 3 times a week?

Which of the mentioned is more effective?

3. Could you tell me what kind of physical activity you chose at the beginning?

If you tried all types of exercises mentioned on your website, which one worked best for you?

Thank you again.

Best wishes, Mateusz

Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone!

Hello Mateusz,

If for some reason, I had to pick one form of exercise, and stick with it for life, I'd probably choose sprints.

You can build an extremely impressive body, using sprints, and sprints alone...

Fortunately, we don't have to worry about these types of limitations.

We can freely add other routines into the mix, which is exactly what I recommend you do.

Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone!

As you read my suggestions below, you'll notice three things.


I keep my routines short.

I've found that I maintain plenty of muscle, without sacrificing testosterone, via over training, by keeping my routines very brief.


My routines are very intense.

The more intense, the better the payoff, in muscle mass gained, and male androgen's released.


It's the lactic acid burn that signals the body to release human growth hormone, and other male androgen's into the blood stream..

The only way to get that burn, is by going intense.


My routines are random.

I keep my body off balance, guessing, unable to adapt, by adding variety into my routines at all times..

You can add this variety in several different ways.

For example, by switching exercises, speeding them up, slowing them down, lifting heavy, lifting light, etc..

Combine these variables, with several different forms of exercise, and the possibilities are almost limitless.

Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone!

Following is a list of exercises I performed early on, and still use to this day.

Pick several from the list below, mix them up as described above, and you'll maintain a lean, muscular body, for the rest of your natural life.


Jump Rope


Running Hills

Military Press

Pull Ups

Jump Squats

Pool Sprints

Dead Lifts

Uphill Cycling Intervals

Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone to
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