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He's Stealing My Girl! How to Deal with Disrespect!

by David
(Gainesville, FL)

He's Stealing My Girl! How to Deal with Disrespect!

Hi there Mark,

As you already know, I've been all in with your system for 5 months now and have been doing very well.

I'm down 18 pounds, have a tan (thanks to you, I'm no longer hiding from the sun), my skin has cleared up and I'm much more muscular, happy and confident.

As I told you earlier, I'm a real responder to the testosterone boosters, so I had to back down on those to a few times per week.

Sex drive is good, but there are definitely limits to how far you want to push it.

Anyway, despite all the above I'm having problems in my life now that I'd like to ask you about.

My problem is, I've found a girl that I really like.

This is someone who would have been out of my league not too long ago, but the new me has made a go of it.

We've been dating for about 4 weeks and it's been going well until recently.

There's another guy in our circle of friends who knew me well before I got my act together.

He still looks at me as the chubby insecure guy, not the man I've worked so hard to create.

Now I'm having a real problem with him, as he's making moves on my girl and disrespecting me in front of her at the same time.

It's not over the top disrespect, it's subtle, and usually wrapped up in the form of a joke, which always comes at my expense.

I laugh along with everyone else, but I know the damage is being done to me and my relationship.

I still have her for now, but I can see the attraction building between the two of them.

What I'm looking for are ways to gain the upper hand in this situation.

Please help me if you can.

Thank you Mark

He's Stealing My Girl!
How to Deal with Disrespect!

Hi David,

I've got a rule when it comes to disrespect.

I don't take it from anyone, ever.

And neither should you.

Life is tough enough as it is, and the last thing you need is some guy stepping all over you.

Especially if those steps lead straight to your woman.

Before we move on, I need to make one thing perfectly clear...

This is NOT a conflict between you and your girl.

This conflict is between you and that other dude, period.

And you need to remember...

When the dust settles, she's going to go for the guy with the most going for him...

The one with the character, the personality and the self confidence.

Fail to display any of these traits,


Show weakness, fear, or insecurity at any time and she's gone.

But, I already know you're not going to go there.

I know for a fact that you're going to win this showdown, because I've seen your grit over the last 5 months.

You may not know this yet, but that insecure guy you once were is gone for good.

How do I know that?

Because you made a big time commitment to yourself and you stuck to it.

That makes you a much bigger man than that chump who's proping himself up at your expense.

He's Stealing My Girl!
How to Deal with Disrespect!

Here's the deal....

He's onto you because you're letting him get away with it.

A joke here and there is fine, that's normal. But when it becomes a pattern it needs to be dealt with.


You don't find his put downs even a little bit funny, so don't laugh anymore.

When he throws a zinger your way, look him straight in the eye and say, what do you mean by that?

After he belches out his lame response, tell him, I think your trying too hard buddy.

Then walk away....

If that doesn't do the trick, up the stakes immediately.


Call him on it, man to man, face to face.

Just make sure this showdown happens when the two of you are alone.

You see, chump man gains his confidence from the crowd.

When his audience disappears, and the laughs die off, he loses his swagger, his mojo, his confidence.


You've got a lot more riding on this situation than he does...

A girl, 5 months of hard work, your self respect and your future.

When you bring your force down on him alone in a room, trust me, he's going to melt like an ice cube on a hot summer day.


Never forget that you're part of my crew now...

You've made the commitment, put out the effort, climbed the hill and made it to the top.

Because of this, you've gained my respect big time.

You've also gained the respect of the 3500 men who visit this site each and every day of the week.

So when your showdown happens, I want you to keep one thing mind...

All 3500 of us will be back here pulling for you.

Good luck David.

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