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Personal Authority! Social Status & Success with Women!

by Mark

Personal Authority!
Social Status & Success with Women!

Hi Mark

I was looking through the Internet the other day and came across an attraction specialist called John Alanis, who's biggest theme is that a man has to have "personal authority" in order to get and keep women.

He says that this doesn't mean getting angry or into an argument with your woman but to not be a pushover either.

As I looked through some of his articles I couldn't help but think of you and your website and was wondering if you could expand a little bit on how you see this.

Have you seen men with an increase in testosterone being able to attract more women naturally and to what extent does this make a difference?

I would love to hear your views and experiences on this.

Thank you very much.

Personal Authority!
Social Status & Success with Women!

Hi Mark,

Personal authority is very powerful, and I can prove this by telling you a true story.

It begins with an old buddy of mine.

To protect his identity and save him embarrassment, we'll call him John.

Back when this story originated, John was almost completely bald, overweight, wore coke bottle glasses, and had the kind of face only a mother could love.

I'll admit, he had personality, but trust me, he's wasn't the easiest guy to look at.

Somewhere around 1995 old Johny lucked himself into a very sweet position of personal authority.


He became the coach of a women's softball team.

The coach of 20 or so women of various shapes and sizes, who all looked up to my friend as THE authority.

During this time period, I had another buddy as well. We'll call him Steve.

Steve John and I were a trio.

All unmarried at the time, and out every Friday and Saturday night, doing all the things single guys like to do.

In this group, Steve and I were always the one's who seemed to have women around, but our friend John never did.

He was the odd man out....

Hanging on the fringes, never quite able to score, despite the fact that we must have set him up a million times.

He was a nice guy, and the girls liked him, but due to his perceived status, he could never get beyond first base.

Personal Authority!
Social Status & Success with Women!


A surprising thing happened once he got the coaching gig.

He began to show up every weekend with a woman on his arm.

And here's the interesting part....

It wasn't always the same girl.

Yup, our buddy, who had zero luck with women in the past, had all of a sudden turned into a Casanova.

So how did this happen?

Simple, he had placed himself in a position of personal authority.

John had become the person these women were looking to for direction, guidance, and support.

As their confident leader, he made important decisions, gave permission, validation and approval.

In other words, he had became the expert, the alpha male, and they looked up to him for that.

So how can you apply this in your life?


Use this site as your guide for achieving your own Alpha Male Status.


Maximize your testosterone levels, and you'll instantly throw a switch that opens up the hormonal flood gates....

And once the gates are open, several good things begin to happen...

You'll become motivated to transform your body, build your empire, get off the couch and do something positive with your life.

And a physically fit, motivated, productive guy achieves many things, one of which is supreme self confidence.

When you look good, and your days are filled with activities that launch you toward your goals, confidence comes on automatically.

And guess what?

Women love self confidence.

They also love men of action, guys who have goals and strong passions in life.

Here's a tip for you.

If you want to develop powerful personal authority, become very good at something.

Once you become excellent in any arena, your social status in that sphere will climb by default.

If you're smart, you'll chose an area that will reward you financially.

In other words you'll develop excellence at work or some other entrepreneurial venture.

And where will the motivation come from?

Simple.... Testosterone.

You'll Boost your male hormone levels up to the point where action becomes absolutely mandatory.

Where sitting around on the couch wasting time feels like absolute torture.

Dial your hormone levels in, and this is exactly what will happen to you.


Because when testosterone levels are high, motivation always skyrockets.

And guys with motivation and T are the ones who always seem to win....

In business, with women, and in life.

Thanks for the excellent question.

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