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22 Years Old With No Testosterone & No Libido!

by Martin

22 Years Old With No Testosterone & No Libido!

Hi Mark,

I'm Martin, I'm 22 and I have had low libido for a while.

I checked my Testosterone level and it was only 378.

Do you think that this level could be the cause of my problem?

22 Years Old With No Testosterone & No Libido!

Hi Martin,

At 22 you should be a walking, talking erection with more libido than you know what to do with.

That's mother natures design for you my friend!

According to her, your main job right now is to chase women, mate, and spread your seed far and wide.

You should be so sexually charged at this stage of your life, that you don't know what to do with yourself, but you have no sex drive at all.

This means one thing, and one thing only...

You're way out of sync with the laws of nature!

What you need to do now is figure out exactly what has gone wrong in your life.

Let's see if we can do that right now!


Are you living on refined carbs, junk fats and low quality garbage foods?

I ask this because I know for a fact that the four major food groups for a typical 20 year old are candy, cookies, chips, and soda.

Health food is pizza, burgers and french fries!

If this describes you, follow the link below and get yourself a food education.

The Testosterone Boosting Diet

And while we're on this topic, let me ask you this...

Are you consuming large amounts of soy or are you drinking alcohol in excess?

I ask this because I know for a fact that soy will turn you into a woman hormonally.

And too much partying?

Trust me, all that booze will drop your T levels below that of your little sister before you can say the word hangover.


Cut the soy and if you want to drink, be smart about it.

In other words, a few drinks here and there, OK.

A fifth of vodka and a night spent heaving your guts out in the bushes, not OK.

Yup, I was 22 years old once too.

Now let's talk about your physical condition, Martin.

At your age you should be lean, muscular and at the absolute PRIME of your life.

I say should because I see 20 somethings all the time, and they look anything but prime to me.

Typically what I'm seeing is either, soft, squishy and overweight, or thin, pale, and emaciated.

If either describes you, the solution is simple.

Nail down your diet as described above, then pack some masculine muscle onto your body.

This will do two things for you...

For one, an abundance of muscle combined with low body fat will keep estrogen at bay in your system.

This shift will flip on your testosterone switch, and you'll transform yourself from a boy into a man, in a matter of weeks.


This physical transformation will have a powerful effect on your mental state.

Muscularity and high levels of testosterone both breed high levels of self confidence in a man.

And self confident men win MUCH more often in the game of life.

And the more you win the more testosterone your body will deliver into your blood stream.

I guess you could call this a POSITIVE feedback loop.

And all that's required to enter this A ticket ride is a pass from mother nature.

And if you play by her rules Martin, she'll give you that ticket free of charge.

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Highly Recommended
by: Superman

My friends told me about this site and I was curious since I do have the same issue but the question that I was about to ask you were already been answered so far, all of them are good and has a point.
I already bookmarked this page so I can stay in touch with you.
Thanks again

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