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Seduction, Mating, Courtship & Male Libido

by RJ
(Philadelphia, PA USA)

Seduction, Mating, Courtship & Male Libido

Hi Mark,

I'm in my early 40's.

Suffered with low T for years but made substantial lifestyle changes, went on the Paleo diet, lost 45 lbs, and took 4 inches off my waist.

Thankfully, my total testosterone measured 505 six months ago and 467 three months ago. It hasn't been that high in years.

All other levels are perfectly in range.

Problem is, my libido is still down like nothing has changed?

I don't feel much different. I take no meds, no alcohol, healthy diet. Is there something I'm not taking into consideration?

Seduction, Mating, Courtship & Male Libido

Hello RJ,

I think I've said this to you before, but I'm going to say it again.

45 lbs and 4 inches off the waist is a HUGE accomplishment, so congratulations!

Keep doing what you're doing buddy, because it's obviously working for you.

Regarding your Testosterone levels, 500-ish is good, but 6 to 800 would be even better.

To make this leap I want you to place your focus on the this one VERY important male activity…

Sexual Pursuit!

(I'm assuming you have a woman in your life.
If not, jump to This Page)

If you're like most 40 something men, your woman chasing days have blown by…and now, you spend more time arguing with your girl than making love to her.

You need to recapture that sexual intensity you had when you first met…play those mating games, court, flirt, pursue, capture.

To make this happen, you need to follow some Very Important Rules

The most important being…you must avoid Hyper Companionship Syndrome at all costs!

Next, work to bring back that intense mating - sexual behavior that so many married men have lost.

You'll find plenty of details on how to make that happen by following the link above, but I'm going to throw you one more here for good measure.

Bring novelty back into your relationship!

If you've been having sex in the same room, in the same bed, on the same days of the week, for years on end…Mix It Up!

Book a hotel room somewhere, take her to dinner, buy her something nice, just like you did when you were dating.

Then, take her back to the room, and watch while she submits to you willingly!

While you're at it..think of a sexual favor you'd like to receive, a dividend, a payout you'd like to experience in this sexual liaison.

Ideally, this should be something she'd normally be slightly hesitant to do.

You job is to pursue, chase, seduce, and ultimately capture your girl...Woo her until she submits, willingly, to whatever it is you choose.

The key words being..submits willingly…not forced in any way, shape or form.

Trust me, just going over these plans in your mind will explode testosterone production in your system.

And this ignition will take place because mating behavior and testosterone production are CLOSELY linked together.


If you'd like a little libido to go along with that testosterone of yours, get your body and your mind back into the mating game, permanently!

Follow the link below to read more…

Signs of Physical Attraction

Seduction Mating Courtship & Male Libido to Low T-Home

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