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Testosterone, Sex and Your Mind!

Mental Hormone Replacement

Testosterone, Sex, and Your Mind! Mental Hormone Replacement

If you don't believe that the mind can be used to manipulate testosterone levels, consider these facts...

  • Merely watching yourself win a competitive event on film produces a 40% testosterone surge from baseline
  • German researchers have found that just having an erection causes an immediate increase in circulating testosterone.
  • Stock traders show higher testosterone levels during profitable days, and lower levels when profits are down.
  • A trial out of University of Nebraska found that the winner of a tennis match experiences a jump in testosterone while the losers T levels decline.
  • Researchers out of the University of Utah tested testosterone levels of World Cup Soccer fans prior to a match. Fans of the winning team saw testosterone levels rise, while the losers levels went down.
  • A study out of the University of Groningen in Holland found that testosterone increases in a man after only five minutes of exposure to a woman, EVEN if he finds her unattractive.

Other research has proven that the pursuit of a woman, and or even just visualizing a sexual encounter can have a profound impact on testosterone levels in a man.

So how can we use this information to our advantage?

Simple, by placing a strong emphasis on the following 3 items…
  • Mental Imagery & Visualization
  • Interaction with Women - Sexual Pursuit
  • Winning - Achievement - Social Status

Let's begin with Mental Imagery & Visualization…

Testosterone Sex and Mental Imagery

testosterone sex

Visualization is an extremely powerful tool.

So powerful in fact, that it's a virtual requirement that you develop this skill if you plan to compete against world class individuals in any arena.

Be it in sports, business, or the arts.

Research out of Penn State University found that…if you can feel and see yourself performing the way you want…your body will actually ignite the neural pathways for those specific movements.

As a matter of fact, your muscles fire in the exact same sequence as if you were actually performing the skill, even though it's all only happening in your mind.

In other words, you can physically become what you think about most. (with certain limitations of course)

For example…

Picture yourself in your mind, with as much detail as possible, pursuing and capturing an attractive woman, and you'll experience an immediate boost in circulating male hormones.

Now try this exact same technique at night just before falling asleep, and you'll see that it becomes even more powerful, ESPECIALLY if it leads to nocturnal sex dreaming.

For proof of the power of nocturnal sex dreams, think back to the last time you dreamt about sex. If you're like most men, you woke up an with extra dose of hormones in your system, and a flagpole morning erection.

My experience has proven, time and again, that your body responds in this fashion, whenever you dream about sex.

I'm certain this occurs because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined experience.

It’s only your conscious mind that’s capable deciding whether something is real or not.

And when you are asleep, your subconscious mind is running the show, so as far as your body is concerned, you really ARE having sex.

As a result, your body revs up hormone production, releases nitric oxide into the penis to build an erection, and prepares your system for sex.

For me, a good night of sexual dreaming has always lead to a motivated, energetic, verbal, confident, sexually charged me the following day.

All clear signals that this nocturnal testosterone boost carried over into the following day.

So the question remains, how do you make these dreams happen?

Easy…by perfecting and using your visualization skills before sleep every night.

Read on to learn how…

Testosterone Sex and Mind Visualizations

Close your eyes and imagine that you're watching a large movie screen, and the film showing depicts you and your sex partner engaged in highly intense sexual activity.

Visualize the two of you doing whatever it is that turns you on the most...in as much detail as possible.

Get your emotions involved, feel the textures, see the colors, smell the smells.

Remember, if you get all of your senses involved, you're much more likely to hit the mark.

In other words, the more vivid and complex your images, the more likely you'll dream about them as you fall asleep.

You want these images on your mind right at the time you drift off. If you wake briefly during the night, turn the dream back on again as you fall back asleep.

Make it a point to put all the stress and negativity in your life on the back burner, and focus only on that dream.

After a short while, you'll perfect this mind movie skill, and dreaming will become a nightly occurrence.

Once this happens, move onto to the next step…first person visualization, which can be a bit more challenging.

While visualizing in first person, you actually see yourself through your own eyes, rather than watching yourself from a distance.

With practice and repetition, you'll perfect this skill just like the other, although it will take a bit more time and commitment on your part.

One key point to remember as you begin is, you must change your dream constantly.

Human males NEED sexual variety, otherwise boredom kicks in, so make sure you change the sexual fantasy regularly.

In essence what we're doing here is mimicking the wet dream phenomena experienced nightly by all 20 something men.

We're turning back the clock, switching the nocturnal hormone machines back on, and we're accomplishing all of this by using simple, easy to master visualization techniques.

I'm going to close this section out with one more piece of evidence to drive this information home...

In 1980, prior to the Olympic Games, a group of soviet scientists put these visualization techniques to the test.

In this trial they took 4 groups of men, and placed them into the following 4 categories…

  • Group 1: Performed 100% Physical Exercise
  • Group 2: Performed 75% Physical Exercise - 25% Mental Exercise
  • Group 3: Performed 50% Physical Exercise - 50% Mental Exercise
  • Group 4: Performed 25% Physical Exercise - 75% Mental Exercise

Care to guess which group experienced the largest gains in physical performance?

If you selected group 4, you'd be exactly right!

Next up, Sexual Pursuit:
testosterone sex visualizations

Testosterone Sex and Your Mind

Remember the study above, where men were placed into a room with a strange woman, and they all experienced a spike in testosterone...and these spikes occurred even if the men did not find the woman attractive?

Keep this information close to mind as you absorb the information below.

A while back researchers took 76 men and measured their baseline testosterone levels. After the blood test, they set these men loose on a group of very attractive females, and told them to go after it.

The goal was play the room, chat up the ladies, and try to score points with these women.

At the end of this experiment all the females were instructed to rate each man, based on how well they performed during the event.

The results showed that men with higher testosterone levels were much more likely to score with a bombshell. They were also more likely to control the timing and pace of the conversation, and to squeeze out other lower testosterone males.

In essence, the high T men scored the babes, and the Low T males lost out.

Numerous other studies have shown that winning battles like the one described above lead to a MAJOR testosterone windfall for the victor.

What you and I are after here is this EXACT same hormonal windfall, but instead of one measly win, we're looking for thousands of them, built up over an entire lifetime.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, I am a low T man so how is this going to help me?

Simple...you're going to play the game above, but from here on out you're going to win MUCH more often.

So how exactly do you do this?

Easy, you play lots and lots of games with women...at work, the grocery store, the post office, or whenever the opportunity arises.

Here's how this will all pay off for you…

Once you start this process, you'll notice some subtle and not so subtle changes in your behavior. For one, you'll start paying attention again...to your body, your hair, your clothes, and your overall appearance.

You'll stay groomed, cleaned, and looking good, because the game is on once again.

testosterone sex

And don't think I'm blowing smoke here, as ALL mammals of the male persuasion display this type of peacocking behavior while interacting with strange females.

You're genetically hard wired to display this behavior, without fail once the games begin, whether you like it or not.

And what fuels this reproductive behavior?

Those male hormones both you and I are looking for! Hormones that lead to increased sex drive and the self confidence that follows as your wins begin to accumulate.

And as you start this process, don't forget the men in the room with the strange women story mentioned above. This will remind you that it doesn't take much at all to get that testosterone spike you're looking for.

For example…

When you talk with a strange woman, and begin to brag about your job, your house, your car, or your athletic ability, that's your testosterone talking.

Researchers have confirmed this!

When you play these games with women, you're simply playing out the evolutionary hand you've been dealt.

Men have historically pursued, captured, and had sex with multiple women. One of testosterone's primary purpose is to motivate you to get out there and spread your seed with as many females as possible.

Of course, things have changed considerably in modern society, where monogamy is the norm, but that's where the game playing comes in.

Engage with women on a regular basis, flirt a little, throw out a compliment here and there, smile and talk to the attractive cashier at the grocery store.

If you're in a long term relationship, you can do all of this without EVER crossing the line. As a matter of fact, this behavior will improve your relationship, as you'll be more sexually drawn to your own woman as your hormone levels begin to rise.

Once again, mimic the behavior of a 20 something year old...a young horny male on the hunt for female sex partners.

But sex isn't our ultimate goal here...it's those essential male hormones your Testicles will begin to produce once the hunt begins.

Next up, Winning, Achievement & Social Status!
testosterone sex winning

In the beginning of this article, I listed several events that led to an increase in baseline testosterone levels. A successful day trading stocks, your team coming out on top in a soccer match, beating up your partner in tennis, etc, etc...

And what do these events all have in common?


If I had to limit this entire article to one key point, winning would definitely be it.

Winning, and the social status that comes along with success in ANY arena.

The bottom line is...if you want your body to operate at peak hormonal efficiency, you need to get really good at something.

Something that get's you off the couch, out in front of your peers, where you can display your talent, and achieve, win, and gain accolades from others.

From birdwatching to driving high performance race cars...it really doesn't matter what your thing is, as long as you have something you can dig your teeth into, become passionate about, excel in.


Men who achieve social status by winning at the game of life suffer fewer heart attacks, have lower blood pressure, live longer, earn more income, produce fewer stress hormones, and have more success with women.

They also have much more circulating testosterone compared to their lower status peers.

Let's look at two different scenarios now to demonstrate exactly how this process works.

To start, let's take a look at the life of an average man...as a matter of fact, let's say this man is you.

In scenario number one, you wake up, crawl out of bed, and go to work. You deal with your boss, have a few interactions with your coworkers, then head home after a long day.

When you hit that front door, the couch, the food in the fridge, and the TV remote are all waiting for you.

You plop down, and do your 3 hour marathon session in front of the television, maybe surf the internet for an hour or two, then hit the sack for the night.

This process continues Monday through Friday, day after day, year after year.

Sure, you may mix things up on the weekends occasionally, but the routine above pretty much defines the vast majority of your life.

But not for the man following scenario number 2!

Number 2 man has a passion in life, a THING he's goes after, every single day of the week...and he's gotten really good at it.

And remember the point made earlier, the THING you choose isn't important, the fact the you have one is what counts most.

So instead of heading straight to the couch after work, he goes after his passion with a vengeance.

He builds, plans and creates in his field, with extreme gusto.

Word spreads about his passion and his skill, and all of a sudden he's finds himself mentoring and coaching others. He becomes an authority in this particular subject, and is looked up to by others.

In group meeting, parties, and social events everyone wants to talk to our man now, because he's climbed to the top of the social hierarchy, he's achieved status, and he'll have the hormones in his system to prove it.

And keep in mind folks…

You don't have the be a world-class athlete, famous, or filthy rich to achieve this status...

Work your way to the top of your local entrepreneur, chess, fishing, golf, mountain climbing, photography, martial arts, skydiving, or fencing club.

Replace TV time with achievement time in ANY field, and you'll not only keep andropause at bay, but depression as well.

Here's a tip for you…

When choosing your "THING" select an activity that will either exercise your body or build up your bank account.

My passions over the years have been blues harmonica, beach volleyball, website building, and mens hormonal health. I climbed the ranks in each field and reaped the hormonal rewards from all of them.

If you REALLY want to enrich your life, here's another suggestion for you…

Take your passion, and create an online presence or business around that passion that will bring you income.

For example, I've mentored individuals who've created money making sites around bodybuilding, kidney health, musical instruments, travel and more.

This is merely a suggestion, a preference of mine, but it's definitely not a requirement for you.

What's most important, is that you do something...

That you engage your body and your mind into an activitiy that will help you retain those hormones so essential to a mans health, happiness and sexual function.

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