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What is Normal Testosterone Level?

by Michael
(Salem, OR)


I am 34 years old. Recently I had a blood test and my testosterone levels came in at 336.

I have a feeling that is low, because I have some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels, like poor energy, lack of interest in sex, and weight gain.

Could you please tell me what you consider a normal testosterone level for a 36 year old man?

Before I invest in Testosterone Supplements, or take other action, I'd like to know if my levels are below normal to begin with.

Thank you for your time!

What is Normal Testosterone Level?

Hello Michael,

Doctor man will tell you that your testosterone level of 336 falls well within the reference range.

Well, he's right on that point, but what he failed to mention is, the reference range doesn't mean squat to a guy like you.

Let me explain...

The range for the medical testing company Labcorp is between 241-827 ng/dl

This means that 95% of all the men they tested fell somewhere between those two numbers.

But, these numbers are meaningless you.

Here's why...

Older guys get tested much more often than young guys.


Sick people get tested more often than healthy people.

This skews the numbers in favor of the old, the sick, and the unhealthy.

Not the something you'd really want to aspire to, is it?

My advice is, ignore the reference range, and do everything in your power to get as close to 800 as possible.

Not everyone will reach that goal, but most can get close!

And the closer you get to that number, the better you'll feel!

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Is my dr right or wrong?
by: Patrick

I'm 34 a couple of years ago my Dr. in GA had me testosterone shots and I started feeling human again.

Well I moved to Louisiana my new Dr. ran blood work and told me that since my levels were 300 that I was good. Well I know that's not right because I'm walking around feeling dead again.

My Dr. has my records from my old Dr. but she still will not put me back on my shots. I have the levels of a 85 year old man . So with my age I'm guessing 300 is low am I right or is my Dr.

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