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Visceral Fat, Beer Belly, and High blood Pressure!

by Sarah

Hi Mark,

My husband has had a really tough time the past 18 months.

Very stressful, major job move, he gained 3 stone in weight (2l lbs) and he was a big solid chap anyway, he became moody depressed, angry, surly, no sex drive or very very low and retarded ejaculation.

No morning wood as you describe.

He had test for thyroid, but the doctor thought him too young to test for Low Testosterone.

He is 37.

His blood pressure was way high 150/105, his cholesterol 5:1.

He had begun drinking heavily as he was so down in the dumps, it was having an affect on our very young marriage. It was time for a change.

Because he had always suffered with weight, lower than normal desire, fatigue, we decided to give your program a go.

We bought all 7 of the Natural Testosterone Boosters which you recommend, and began the program just before new years.

There has been a gradual change, he has stopped drinking, and we are watching his fat intake, but we have tried this on its own before and there wasn't much improvement, in fact he put weight on!

He has lost about 13 lbs, he looks less swollen and puffy, more like a big man.

His moods are lifting, and he is also recognising that he has had this depression and is wanting to actively change, taking steps such as therapy to build is self esteem which was in the gutter.

I am very happy with the results in the boudoir, we may have only had sex a couple of times since he started the program, but he has been more engaged, more responsive, has gone a couple of times in a row, and I have noticed morning wood a few times, and even felt him get hard during the night.

He is sleeping ok, better than before but not great.

My questions are, is this as it is now the full effect of the program or will it continue to improve until it reaches its peak, and if it does take more time, what sort of time frame are we looking at?

And ZMA, I recently bought some, should he supplement nightly or occasionally?

Thank you for this site, it is changing our life, bringing back my stunning husband.

Visceral Fat, Beer Belly, and High blood Pressure!

Hello Sarah,

ZMA can be taken every night, as tolerance is not an issue with this supplement.

You mentioned in your message, that you were watching your husbands fat intake.

You need to go back and re-read my pages on diet.

Inadequate levels of quality fats in the diet, will reduce your husbands testosterone levels.

You mentioned that he's been dealing with weight problems, looks swollen and puffy, and has elevated blood pressure.

These are all signs of insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome, which is brought on by excess consumption of refined carbohydrates.

When you said you tried a low fat diet before, and..

There wasn't much improvement, in fact he put weight on.

I'm not the least bit surprised.

When fats are eliminated from the diet, they are typically replaced with carbohydrates.

Excess carbs in the diet are converted to saturated fat by the body, and stored as visceral fat, mostly around the belly in men.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol, especially beer, leads to accumulation of visceral fat as well, (think beer belly)

Visceral fat can lead to blood pressure problems, as the excess fat surrounding the kidneys can put pressure on them, forcing them to work harder, and less effeciently.

It also contributes to metabolic syndrome and inflammation, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even premature death.

I'd like to state one more time that the visceral body fat, elevated blood pressure, and puffiness are all most likely brought on by excessive drinking, and consumption of too many fast acting carbs, and simple sugars.

Diet should be your primary focus right now.


Your man has issues that go way beyond low testosterone levels.

The Natural Testosterone Supplements you've purchased will help some, but they're not enough right now.

Replace the chips, cookies, cakes, biscuits, and cereals, in his diet with paleo foods.

Natural foods that man has been consuming for hundreds of thousands of years.

Foods that will right his ship, and burn the fat off his body so fast, you'll be amazed.

Good luck!

Visceral Fat Beer Belly and High blood Pressure to Boost Testosterone-Home

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