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Vegetarians, Wrinkled Skin, & Methane Gas!

by James G.
(Berkeley/Oakland border)

Vegetarians, Wrinkled Skin, & Methane Gas!

Hello from Berkeley California,

Can I be arrested for hate crimes when trying to keep friends of mine from losing all the collagen and muscle tissue under their skin by going on a starvation anti-meat diet?

The streets of Berkeley are awash in middle age women in cotton draw string pants who all appear to be at the minimum, 150 years old.

It is as if their skin has stopped being connected to the rest of their bodies.

It is scary besides making people want to wretch just looking at these people.

Do they come out at night??

Jim in Berkeley

Vegetarians, Wrinkled Skin, & Methane Gas!

Hi Jim,

I agree, it can be tough to look at sometimes.

I live in So Cal, and we've got a lot of those folks down here too.

There's a massive health food store near me that I go to when I need to buy my raw milk. It's one of the few real foods this store carries. That and their produce....

Most everything else in this establishment consists of the same 4 ingredients, in various different forms.
  • Soy

  • Sugar

  • Soybean Oil

  • High Glycemic Grains
Of course, the grain is organic, and the sugar comes in the form of agave nectar, but the end result is the same.

An organic cookie with a bit of soy flour, sweetened with agave will do you as much damage as a Misses Fields will.

As a matter of fact, if I had to choose between the two, I'd go for the latter.


Because despite what you've been told, agave nectar is not a healthy natural sweetener.

It's a highly refined form of fructose, much more concentrated than the high fructose corn syrup used in Coca Cola, Pepsi, and other sodas produced in the US.

And since fructose is a more potent glycating agent than glucose, it's much more damaging to the body.

You see, fructose bonds with proteins in the body at an extremely high rate. According to one source 18 times higher than simple glucose.

And it's these unhealthy chemical bonds that do damage to the collagen that holds the skin together.

Combine the above with inadequate protein consumption,


High intake of easily oxidized Omega 6 fats found in soybean oil, and you've got a strong recipe for collagen breakdown, wrinkled skin, and premature aging.

Vegetarians, Wrinkled Skin, & Methane Gas!

I'll finish off here by telling you a quick story...

My wife and I were at this health food store about two weeks ago. Before we checked out we both headed upstairs to hit the bathroom.

As we were approaching, a 20 something year old female walked into the ladies room.

My wife and I made eye contact and smiled when we saw this girl, because she was drop dead gorgeous.

This female was so attractive, you couldn't help but turn and look twice.

Since she was in this store, I assumed she was a vegetarian, because just about everyone in there is.

A few minutes later this was confirmed when she walked out of the bathroom.

As she hit the door this overpowering toxic smell hit both of us broadside in the face.

To say this odor was bad, would be the understatement of the century.

I remember thinking to myself, how does a babe like that produce a smell so incredibly horrific?

The answer is simple of course...

As a vegetarian, she does not eat a species appropriate diet.

The undigested food in her system is consumed by the bacteria living in her intestines.

And when these bacteria eat, they produce methane gas.

I'll leave the rest to your imagination...

Fortunately for her, she's still young and looking good.

But trust me, if things don't change it won't last.

If you need proof of this take a look at any recent picture of Pamela Anderson.

She's a card carrying member of PETA, and a hardcore vegetarian.

The last time I checked, things weren't going so well.

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