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Testosterone and Cortisol!

How To Create Hormonal Balance



Good morning Mark,

I am currently an Active duty Marine stationed at Pendleton.

I have now turned 29 and have noticed a huge change in all physical aspects of my life.

I do not have near the stamina, speed, endurance and recovery that I used to.

I went to Medical and they drew my blood and the results show that I am sitting around the 330 mark on My Testosterone.

They will not help me because I am still in the "range".

I do not want synthetic versions anyway because I am only 29 and am not ready to just "settle" with that for the rest of my life.

I have put my body through hell with multiple combat deployments plus several hours of physical training Mon-Fri for 8 years now.

Even if I take time off it does not come back to me.

No more morning erections, the sex is still there but I'm just physically beat down after training, and my strength is a lot less also.

I am no where near overweight (but fat is coming in) and I have been pretty athletic my whole life.

Please help, this is hurting my career and lets face it, I feel like a b#@%h!! 


Testosterone and Cortisol!
How To Create Hormonal Balance

Hello RM,

It looks to me like you've moved away from mother natures plan….

In her design a man chases and kills a beast, runs away or fights an enemy, then he sits down and rests for a long while.

Anthropologists know that in the vast majority of primitive cultures, men hunted and defended territory and the women did almost everything else. (sorry girls)

But even these women typically worked only 3 to 5 hours a day.

This balanced work / rest pattern is the genetic heritage of all homo sapiens. (excluding a few outliers like the Inuit living close to the Arctic Circle)

This means you're hormonally equipped for brief periods of intense activity, often followed up by days of rest and relaxation.

R & R that includes story telling, dancing around the fire, having sex, and eating plenty of food to fuel that next round of intense activity.

Then it's aggression / competition time again…activities fueled by the primary male hormone, testosterone.


But you've distanced yourself from this pattern…

Now you're hunting, chasing, and doing battle intensely most days of the week.

8 years ago you where blessed with the gift of youth, which allowed you to get away with this unnatural amount of physical activity.

But now the big 3 0 is knocking on your door, and you're body is saying WAIT A MINUTE HERE…I can't do this anymore!

So now, despite all the exercise you're starting to accumulate body fat, your sex drive has tanked, and your erections have softened.

Oh yea, and that testosterone score of yours which should be 700 plus has dropped down to 330.

Researchers out of The University of Texas summed this up best when they said…

The hormonal axes that regulate testosterone levels and cortisol levels are antagonistic. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can produce impotence and loss of libido by inhibiting testosterone production in men.

In other words, when cortisol goes up testosterone always goes down.

And I would bet a stack full of green backs that your 8 years of intense physical activity has led to a chronic increase in cortisol inside your body.

That same cortisol that has sent your testosterone down to an unacceptable 330.

I think it may be time to step aside and let another 20 year old take your place on the battle field.


This way you'll gain firm control of your Activity / R&R ratio.

A ratio that should allow you at LEAST 24 hours rest between intense sessions so testosterone can regain it's dominant position inside your body again.

Now, you did say…."Even if I take time off it does not come back to me."

This tells me two things…

It's very likely that you have other stressors in your life that you need to deal with.


Your body may need an additional nudge or two to get back on track.

If I were you, here's how I'd do the nudging…

Cycle Testosterone Boosters

Practice Edging / Ejaculation Control

Good Luck!

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