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Testosterone Teens

In the video at the bottom of this page…

You're going to see the face of a testosterone replacement therapy victim.

A mere boy. 

A young man who's testicles are going to waste away so fast he won't know what hit him.

And it's all his doctors fault.

He posted this video on youtube showing how he injects himself with the juice.

And in the comments section he responded to some harsh criticism with this…

"Nope, not a loser for injecting a medicine prescribed to me by my doctor because of a deficiency in my body. Nope."

I agree with him.  He's not a loser.  His doctor is.

One look at this boy and it should be clear to ANYONE that he doesn't need T injections.

He needs to do what boys normally do…. 

Get off the couch. Go outside. Move his body. Conquer the world.

That's the way it was when I was a kid…

We never played baseball in front of the TV set. Remote control in hand.

We put our shoes on. Rallied the troops. Grabbed our gear. And went outside. 

Then we played hard…. 

With no youtube. No cellphones. Or Playstation's in sight.

I feel for the boy in this video.  But I'm absolutely disgusted with his doctor.

He put this child on the junk.  Because he's either lazy. Ignorant. Or just downright stupid.

Or maybe all 3.

It's frightful to think where this kid will be after 25, 30, 40 years of uninterrupted use.

I'm no psychic, but I can promise you this…

It will not be a pretty place.

And here's the worst part of all this.  He's an EASY fix.

Give me 6 weeks with this kid…

Let me feed him.  Teach him how to exercise the right way.

Take him outside every day. Tan his skin. Build up some muscle.  Strip off some fat.

Think that would boost his confidence? His hormones? 

Hell yes!

What about vitamin D from the sun?  Think more of this absolutely essential pro-hormone would help this kid out?

You bet it would!

Here's another one for you…

How fast do you think his estrogen levels would drop once he started to lose all that baby fat?

At his age, I'd say lightning fast.  And that's no lie.

One last question for you…

How do you think his body would respond if we put him on a brand new diet…

A diet literally dripping in the fat solubles A, K, D and E.

Vitamins that would feed his testicles with the nutrients they MUST have to manufacture the hormones he needs.

Nutrients he's not currently getting out of his morning bowl of Captain Crunch…  

Or his fast food lunch consisting of deep fried who knows what.  With a large Coke on the side.

It ain't rocket science here.  

He doesn't need needles. Fake hormones. Life changing side effects…

He needs real food. Real sunshine. Real exercise.

And that's it doc.

So put your damn prescription pad away.


Update: The previous video had to be removed.  And although the man in this new video is much older... 

One look at him will tell you that everything written above still applies.

In other words...

He doesn't need hormones.  He needs to repair his damaged body.

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