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Testosterone Mood & Energy!

by Erik


Thanks for your site.

My question is, how does testosterone effect mood and energy.

I am having problems with both right now, and I am wondering if the issue is with my hormones.

Thank you

Testosterone Mood & Energy!

Hello Erik,

Testosterone will definitely help with energy if your T levels are not optimal.

When testosterone levels fall too low, energy is one of the first things to go.

So is motivation.


You may know in your mind that you need to get up and take care of business, but you don't have what it takes to get started.

The drive you once had to go out and take on life, fades into oblivion.

You begin to settle, make excuses, give in, and whither away.

Once this occurs, many men fall into a depression.

I believe this happens for several reasons.


It's impossible for a man to be truly happy unless he's productive on some level.

You've got to have a thing in life that gets you excited!

Something that lights a fire in your belly, that gets you out of bed in the morning ready to go after life.


When the T drops to low, it's impossible to get the fire started.

You simply do not have it in you.


Muscle disappears, and gets replaced with body fat.

The butt, thighs, and breasts grow in size, while the arms, chest, and belly go soft.

It's hard to feel good about yourself when your masculine body begins to turn feminine on you.


You're mental sharpness blows away like dust in the wind.

The wit, humor, think quick on your feet skills are gone.

You're ability to stand toe to toe with an alpha male diminishes as well.

Instead of mixing it up in social situations, you cower in the corner.

Conversation doesn't flow, because you have nothing to talk about.


Because you're not doing anything interesting with your life!

Of course, all this does not have to happen you.

You can take action!

You can take steps right now that will slam the brakes on this mental and physical decline.

And you can do so without injecting hormones, or taking drugs for the rest of your natural life.

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