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Testosterone Levels!

Testosterone Levels!

Are your testosterone levels too low?

Since you're here reading this now, we'll assume the answer to that question is yes.

If you've been tested, and are looking for the ideal ranges for total and free testosterone, go to my normal T levels in men page.

Haven't been tested yet? No problem!

Let me ask you a few simple questions, and we'll figure it out right here.

Have you...

Lost Motivation?

Have you lost your drive, your energy, your zest for life?

Is that determination, and will you used to have when you were younger gone?

Is so, this is a clear sign that your testosterone levels are on the decline.

Lost Your Sex Drive?

When T levels are up, so is your sex drive. Women, sex, love, are all on the mind constantly. So is the drive, motivation and energy mentioned above.

Loss of libido is a clear sign that your T levels have headed South.

Lost Strength?

When I was 25, I could look at a dumbbell and put on 5 pounds of muscle.

When I turned 40 things changed!

Hours pumping iron didn't seem to do a bit of good.

It was only later that I discovered that it's impossible to maintain or build muscle without testosterone.

Become Irritable or Grumpy?

When women suffer through the hormonal crash called menopause, they get sad and weepy.

Men are different. When our hormones decline, we get irritable, mad and grumpy.

This usually gets taken out on our wives or girlfriends.

When every single word that comes out of your partners mouth has the potential to tick you off, it's time to go to work on your T levels!

Put on Weight?

If you've packed on weight around your chest, mid section, butt, or thighs, estrogen has taken over your in system.

Allow this female hormone to remain high, and your body will begin to develop female characteristics.

When taken to the extreme, your testicles will atrophy, and you may even develop gynecomastia or male breasts.

Lost Your Erections!

T levels are the highest in the early morning hours . This means, you should be waking up with a morning erection every day.

If not, this is a very clear sign that your testosterone levels have tanked.

From here on out, use your morning wood as a benchmark.

Don't be content until they show up like clock work single day of the week!

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