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Signs of Low Testosterone!

Signs of Low Testosterone - Irritability!

Are you irritable? Can the wrong word or look from your partner set you off in a rage? Do you clam up, fail to speak or respond when she talks to you. Do you hide out in a cave somewhere to avoid contact?

If this describes you, chances are, you're suffering from low testosterone levels.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Irritable Male Syndrome!

Psychotherapist Jed Diamond wrote a book titled Irritable Male Syndrome.

According to Diamond, it was always assumed that women suffered depression at about twice the rate of men. His research found that men suffer just as much as women, we just suffer in different ways. Women get weepy, sad, and depressed. Men get irritable, angry, and hypersensitive.

Sound familiar?


Passive agressive behavior is the norm for a low T man. You're not confident, outgoing, or happy. You're quiet, bitchy and insecure.

A lot of older guys are like this because the T tank is just about running on empty.

I used to have guy like this in my neighborhood. I could drive past his house going 3 miles an hour and he would stare me down for driving too fast. When he walked past my house he wouldn't even look at me.

He's dead now...

Not enough T.

Causes of Male Low Libido!

Aging causes low testosterone. So does excess male estrogen, drugs and medications, and poor diet. Lack of T boosting exercise, and excess alcohol consumption do as well.

All of these will do a number on your testosterone levels

The good news is, this stuff isn't too hard to fix. It's not a cakewalk, but it's not that tough. And, you can do it without taking drugs or hormones for the rest of your natural life!

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone!

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