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Testosterone Hormone!

by Ethan

I've read many pages on your site, and I am now sure I am suffering from low testosterone levels.

My problems include poor erections, very low libido, and as you say, no energy to take on life.

I'm not overly fat, but I have poor muscle tone. I think I look pretty good for my age (37), but I don't feel that great at all.

Actually, I'm already beginning to feel like a middle aged man.

I have never been married, and I have no girlfriend at the moment. I haven't put much time in to finding one lately, and I'm sure it's because of my low hormone levels.

If my Testosterone Were Higher, I have no doubt I'd be out looking, because that's the way I was all through my 20's.

I work for a company that produces industrial plastic piping and PVC products, so my exposure to chemicals is very high.

I know I need to change that situation, which won't be that difficult, although I won't bore you with all the details.

I do not exercise on a regular basis, and I've been a near vegetarian for almost 10 years, although I do eat eggs, and fish occasionally.

My plan is to work on diet and exercise, and to follow the steps you recommend on your male estrogen page.

I'm also going to begin taking Testosterone Boosters once they arrive in the mail.

I'll be back after I've been following the plan for a while for another report.

Thanks for everything!

Testosterone Hormone!

Hello Ethan,

Thanks for your feedback!

I can tell you've taken the time to digest the information on the site.

I think the plan you've outlined for yourself is nearly perfect, as you're attacking the problem from several different angles.

Diet, exercise, estrogen control, and testosterone enhancement.

I have a feeling that your plan to control estrogen is going to pay off for you in a big way.

People underestimate how powerful estrogen mimicking chemicals can be.

Your daily exposure to these agents at work, means you've most likely been swimming in this stuff.


You may also want to look into a Ball Zinger Penis Ring.

Daily use will improve erections, boost ejaculation volume, and increase testosterone production as well.

Good luck to you!

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