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Testosterone Herbs!


If you need to boost your male hormone levels, testosterone herbs are a better option than direct testosterone replacement therapy.

Pumping T into your blood stream from an outside source is unnatural. 

This is why I'm not a big fan of injections, creams, patches, or gels.

They shut down your body's own production of testosterone. 

They cause T levels to remain unnaturally high, so your testicles hibernate, slow down, and wither away. 

I know from the dozens of emails I've received, that once this happens it's very difficult to reverse. 

That's why I highly recommend that you don't go down this path unless you absolutely have to.

Testosterone Treatments

Herbs are different.

They encourage your body to produce testosterone naturally, they kick your T machine into high gear.

A pleasant side effect of these supplements is that you will develop larger fuller testicles. Your ejaculation volume will increase as well.

You don't get that when you boost T levels unnaturally.

I've used herbs since the beginning of my journey out of the low T never never land, and I continue to use them to this day.

In the beginning, I used them daily.

Now that I've balanced my system, and created equilibrium between testosterone and estrogen, I don't need them as often.

A few times a week, when I feel like I need a jolt, I'll take one, and they work every time.

Increasing Testosterone Levels!

There is a down side to these herbs.

They don't work so well if you're doing everything else wrong in your life.

If you have elevated male estrogen levels, excess body fat, low muscle mass, and a poor diet, a few pills a day isn't going to do much.

On the other hand, if you work to reduce your estrogen load, exercise with high intensity, and clean up your diet, these herbs will work like magic.


If you're losing your edge, and trying to decide what to do about it, remember this...

Opt for the testosterone replacement therapy, and you'll just be another pale, overweight, out of shape guy, who happens to have some T.

Use natural testosterone herbs, reduce estrogen levels, and work to bring your system into balance using diet and exercise, and you will get your testosterone, as well as a lean, tan, muscular, and fit body.

The choice is yours!



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