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Testosterone and Obesity! Optimism v.s Pessimism!

by Josh

Testosterone and Obesity!
Optimism v.s Pessimism!

Hi Mark,

I try to do all the things you discuss on your site, but I think to myself, what's the point?

My dad was obese, and so was his father.

Both died before the age of 60, and I come from the same line. I look like both of them, so the way I see it my fate is already sealed.

I could spend the rest of my days boosting Testosterone and exercising, and still gain nothing from it.

Then what?

Testosterone and Obesity!
Optimism v.s Pessimism!

Hi Josh,

Here's what...

Instead of moping around, feeling sorry for yourself, get up and do something!

Do that, and you won't suffer the same fate as your father and grandfather.

Sure, you have the bad genes, but your behavior controls the expression of those genes.

Eat a crap diet, fail to exercise, and they'll send diabetes and heart disease your way.

Eat clean, and keep your body in good condition, and they won't!

It's that simple!


Bad genes are a threat, not a death sentence!

Attitude & Mortality!

Your attitude is extremely important as well, and from the sound of things, you're way off your game in that department.

Consider this...

In the book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman discusses a study involving 122 men, who had all had a heart attack.

At the beginning of the study, each man was accessed for their degree of optimism or pessimism.

8 years later they went back and checked in on all 122 men.

Here's what they found...

A whopping 21 of the 25 most pessimistic had died, while only 6 of 25 of the most optimistic had.

Yup, attitude matters my friend, and it's time for you to go to work on yours, right now!

Trust me, get busy on yourself, and you'll be a happier more confident individual, the day you get started.


Because action breeds satisfaction in a man.

Inaction breeds hopelessness, fear, and depression.

Right now, you're inactive, pessimistic, and from the sound of things, depressed!

Testosterone and Obesity!
Optimism v.s Pessimism!

Ask yourself what would happen if you dove all in tomorrow, and attacked your situation with a vengeance.

How would you feel in 30 days, after you had dropped 10 pounds of body fat and packed on some new muscle?

If your estrogen levels were put in check, and your testosterone levels elevated to new highs?

From where you're sitting right now, it may be tough to call, but I can assure you there would be big changes.

The depressed guy who I met just a minute ago, would be gone, and he'd be replaced by a completely new man.

A fit and healthy man, full of confidence, optimism, and life!.

Remember Josh, you only have one shot here on earth.

There are no retakes, do-overs, or second chances...

Don't lay down passively and accept your fate like a lamb heading to slaughter...

Grab life by the throat, and hang onto it with everything you've got.

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Testosterone and Obesity Optimism v.s Pessimism
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