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Testosterone and Insulin Resistance!

by Ned

Testosterone and Insulin Resistance!

Hi Mark,

It's a wonder that I have come across your website, as I have been searching for so long for information regarding testosterone levels in men.


Well for the last 8 weeks I have restarted my journey, researching my existing problem that I have carried with me for 21 years, which is insulin resistance!

Knowing now that lowered testosterone has a very strong relationship to insulin resistance, I am praying that I can resolve my current health situation and improve my passion and quality of life.

Testosterone and Insulin Resistance!

I will go back to where it all started in a nut shell!

- Aged between 15 to 20 Body buliding

- At 20 reached 115kgs had taken steroids was lean and muscular.

- One day went into the gym to train, noticed low pump, didn't think much of it, but as each day and week went on was very noticeable, poor muscle contraction and no muscle pump!

I couldn't work it out, as my calorie intake was high and was always of good nutritional foods, so I began to worry!

At this point I had no idea what the problem was, but it was impacting me physically and psychologically....as I think you could understand.

As months went on, my body was catabolizing more muscle tissue rather than building it. I lost weight and couldn't build muscle.

I trained hard, but the repairing process would not take place as normal.

The feeling of being flat and depleted was a daily burden that had taken over.

My bodybuilding days had come to an end, and this was really depressing for me!

Testosterone and Insulin Resistance!

Eventually I began drinking heavily, was highly stressed out...diets was OK to a point, but was over eating and became overweight.

Body weight around the stomach was the worst, and fitness was down the toilet.

I never thought of myself in this position, but here I was......

My symptoms had progressed to my brain, meaning I was forgetting things, was not sharp, lacked concentration.

Something had to change!!!!

Over the last 2 months I have scheduled in resistance and aerobic training with a low carb, high fat, high protein diet.

I feel heaps better, but still cannot build muscle as normal, which is the most upsetting part.

So Mark, I'm sorry I tried to keep it short but mate let me tell you, having felt tired for 21 yrs is not something I would wish upon anyone.

Can you get out of all your knowledge, and contribute to helping me get my life back, filled with energy?

Then all the other things will follow,..I'm sure of it.

Hope to hear from you soon......thank you for taking the time Mark.

Regards Ned

Testosterone and Insulin Resistance!

Hi Ned,

I edited your post down a bit, to make it more manageable.....

In answer to your question, yes, steroids could be the cause of your insulin resistance, and suppressed testosterone levels.

Here's why...

When you went off the juice, your body was damaged.

Your testicles, that once produced plenty of testosterone for you, had taken a serious hit.


Because they weren't being used, worked, exercised, as you were now getting your hormones out of a bottle. This caused them to atrophy, and shut down on you.

So, when you quit the roids, they couldn't keep up with your hormonal demands any longer, and you quickly slipped into the low testosterone zone.

One of the primary symptoms of low testosterone, is loss of blood sugar control.

So now, not only do you have Low T, you've got elevated glucose as well.

Your pancreas responds to this excess blood sugar, by pumping out more and more insulin, in order to bring glucose down to acceptable levels.

Eventually, your insulin receptors become overwhelmed by this constant flood of insulin, and begin to shut down, and become less receptive.

This brings on syndrome X, metabolic syndrome, or insulin resistance.

Combine this metabolic slide, with the carb heavy diet, typical of a modern 20 year old, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Your physical decline, fits beautifully with this model, as insulin resistant muscles are incapable of any real growth.


Because insulin does much more than just control glucose levels in the blood.

It's also a powerful anabolic hormone, which is absolutely vital for optimal muscle growth and development.

Unfortunately, insulin resistant muscles, are unable to utilize the hormone, even when your system is swimming in it.

Testosterone and Insulin Resistance!

Your first order of business, is to get control of your metabolic issues.

The low carb diet is the most important step in that direction, so good for you.

Continue with the diet, and the muscle building exercises, and the pounds will begin to melt off you.

As this transformation occurs, you'll find that your body will become less resistant to insulin.


Add Testosterone Boosters to your daily routine, to kick-start your natural T production, and you'll be back to your old self in no time.

Good luck!

Testosterone and Insulin Resistance to
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Apr 16, 2012
Hey Mark
by: Dejan

You are genius. Can't stop reading your web site every day, best info on the net, most helpful. keep up the amazing work.

Jul 03, 2010
why is this info being hidden from men?
by: Anonymous

i am going for the better way of life. i will seek help.

good luck to you


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