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Testosterone & Blood Sugar

by Ted

I was told by my doctor that I was pre diabetic.

My blood sugar tested at 107 after a 12 hour fast, so my doctor has recommended Metformin (Glucophage) to treat the problem.

I see you talk about testosterone and diabetes a lot, so I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on the subject.

I do have other symptoms of Low Testosterone like soft muscles, lower libido, and I am tired a lot.

Thank you!

Testosterone & Blood Sugar!

Hi Ted,

I'm going to tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes. Please keep in mind, these are my opinions only. Get appropriate medical advice before you make any medical decisions.

It sounds like your doctor didn't test your Testosterone Levels, which is unfortunate.

Side note to any male reading this! Whenever you go to the doctor for blood tests, make it a point to ask the doc to check your T levels at the same time.

There have not been a ton of studies on testosterone and blood sugar, because they can't patent the T and sell it as a diabetes cure.

Since the drug company profits are not there, the studies won't be coming any time soon.

But, we do know a few facts that may shed some light on the subject.


1/3 of all type 2 diabetic males test low for total testosterone. When you look at free testosterone levels, the number goes even higher.


Low testosterone levels lead to a decrease in Muscle Mass.

As muscle declines, your glucose storage capacity diminishes, as the body stores the vast majority of your glucose in the muscles.


Low muscle mass causes a decrease in insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the hormone that sweeps glucose out of the blood stream, and into the muscles.

When you become insulin resistant, your body does not respond to the hormone the way it should. As a result, blood sugar levels begin to rise.


Doctors who routinely Prescribe Testosterone to men suffering from andropause, report almost instantaneous blood sugar control once testosterone levels are returned back to normal.

I was pre diabetic in my low testosterone days. My fasting blood sugar hoovered around 110 for almost 2 years before I got it back down.

Once I got diet and exercise under control, and boosted my T levels into the upper range, my fasting blood sugar dropped into the lower 90's

Here's how I accomplished that.

I Boosted Muscle Mass

I Switched to a Pale Diet

I Increased My Testosterone Levels Naturally

Finally, I'd like to talk about Metformin / Glucophage.

It has been demonstrated that this drug is no more effective than diet and exercise at reducing blood sugar levels.

Even more important, this medication will do a number on your testosterone.

Yup, one of the side effects of Metformin is decreased T levels.

The right diet and exercise program will decrease blood sugar levels, boost muscle mass, and increase insulin sensitivity, all at the same time, without any of the negative side effects that come along with Metformin.

Avoid the temptation to take the easy way out.

Take charge of your own health, and stay away from drugs if at all possible.

Testosterone & Blood Sugar to
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