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Testim, Low Testosterone Male, and Fertility!

by Quint

Hi Mark,

Update since stopping Testim in November.

I have been doing really well I have not been to my Doctor yet.

I'm having a hard time getting there when I feel so good. Seems like just a waste of money.

I wanted to give you an update.

My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for about two years, just about as long as I have been taking Testim.

Our first attempt with our son happened very fast. Once we stopped using protection, my wife got pregnant within weeks.

The Dr. assured us Testim would not affect our efforts this time, but we had no success.

After being off Testim for 3 months and applying the things you recommend, my wife is now pregnant.

We are both 40 and just thought it was our age, but I'm sure it was the Testim that was creating the problem.

Thanks again for all your help! Feeling better every day!

Sorry about spelling and punctuation my wife is not here to proof read.

Testim, Low Testosterone Male, and Fertility!

Hey Quint,

No worries about the spelling and punctuation, I have no problems editing a submission like this.

Anyway, congratulations on the pregnancy!

You're firing live rounds again at the ripe old age of 40, good job!

You were correct in your assumption that it was the Testim that was holding you back.

Testosterone replacement therapy is not a good thing for anyone attempting to father a child.

So, you were absolutely right, and your doctor was dead wrong!

From John Locher of The New York Times...

"But for men also hoping to father children, there is some vital information missing.

The use of testosterone replacement can most likely cause a man's sperm count to plummet, quite often to zero.

Getting it back can be very costly and take years. Among heavy users, it may never return.

Even in the medical community, the effects of testosterone on a man's ability to reproduce is often misunderstood."

The fact that you bounced back and fathered a child after only 2 months, at the age of 40, is quite amazing.

Good job buddy!

Thanks for the update, and keep in touch!


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