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Testim! Low Sex Drive & Depression!

by Luke


I recently stopped taking Testim after several years

I have no Sex Drive and I am depressed.

I can't find anything on the Internet saying this will happen or an explanation.

Will this naturally improve?

I am going to try your stuff, but even if I don't, how long and I'm going to feel like this?

Testim! Low Sex Drive & Depression!

Hi Luke,

It tough to tell how long these low T symptoms will persist.

It really depends on a lot of different factors.

Your age and physical condition are two of the biggies, but even more important, is your level of motivation.

I find a lot of guys, who've recently gone off Testosterone Therapy really want it back on a mental level, but they can't back up that desire with positive action.

Here's why...

You're most likely suffering a rebound effect right now. You went from high testosterone levels while on the Testim, to very low levels when you went off.

When your T takes that kind of a hit, lethargy, lack of motivation, and depression are going to come knocking on your front door.

Unfortunately, that's just the way it is.

When suffering these symptoms, the energy needed to get up and do something can be extremely hard to come by.

So what are your options?

You can do one of two things at this point.

You can take the easy way out, and try to ease your pain using food, alcohol, television, internet porn, or whatever.

Sadly, this is the route most men choose.


You can take steps to bring your body back into balance.

It's going to be a bit harder for you, because of everything we discussed above, but you can do it!

How long will it take?

It's impossible to tell from where I'm standing.

All I can tell you is, start right now, and you'll be feeling much better tomorrow than you are today.

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Testim! Low Sex Drive & Depression to
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