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Testicles Ejaculations & the Ball Zinger-Blakoe

by Anonymous

Testicles Ejaculations & the Ball Zinger-Blakoe

Hi Mark,

I just found this website and am very excited. You see I am suffering from everything you are talking about.

It really started when I got colon cancer and had to under-go chemo for nearly a year.

I have noticed my testicles have gotten smaller,

I use to have huge balls now they are a lot smaller.

I was looking on line to see how to increase the size of them when I found your site.

I have been reading everything on this site and it talks about boosting your testosterone and it can even make your penis look somewhat bigger.

What man doesn't want that!

This product looks something like what we call a cock ring. I saw the product on ebay.

There are 2 different kinds. The Zinger and the zinger 2 which had a string on it.

Does this make it fit better and stay more secure?

Do you still wear one, and did you gain the size of your testicles back?

I am hoping this will make mine bigger.

Would love to hear back from you as I am excited to order on and get underway with getting my life and youth back.

Take care and thank you so much for this site.


Sorry to hear about your health problems.

Fortunately, it sounds like you've whipped the cancer, and are moving on now.

Good for you!

Regarding the Ball Zinger, the best unit available on ebay right now is the Silver Zinger.

It's smaller than the other models, more comfortable to wear, and it puts out a bit more current.

That being said, you can't go wrong whichever model you buy, as they all work on the same concept.

I do have to make one correction to your statement above regarding Penis Enlargement

The Zinger will increase the size of your flaccid hang a bit, but it's not a penis enlargement device in and of itself.

It's popular in the penis enlargement community for it's ability to aid in recovery and tissue growth after a penis enlargement stretch or jelqing session.

Most of the regular visitors to this site use the device to enhance testosterone production, and as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

The vast majority of men who use it will experience an increase in testicle size and ejaculation volume.

It seem to be particularly effective on guys who have very low testosterone levels, men who have used steroids in the past, and on individuals who have chronically elevated levels of Estrogen

You can get a good feel for how you're doing with the device, by paying attention to your early morning erections.

If all is well, you should be waking up several times a week between 5 am and 7 am, with an erection that is so strong, it pulls you out of sleep.

For some men, it takes several weeks to get to this point. For others, it happens immediately.

The guys who experience the most success, use the device along with Testosterone Boosting Supplements.

When you wear the device daily, and cycle several natural testosterone boosters at the same time, results will come on sooner, and much stronger.

Good luck!

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