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Testicle Size & Ejaculation Volume in Asian Men

by B9

Testicle Size & Ejaculation Volume in Asian Men

Hello Mark,

I have 2 questions after reading the Testicle information on your site:

First, how can a man have a testicle 35 cm in size?! That would be the width of his waistline!

Even if it was the circumference of a testicle, it would be the size of a grapefruit. :O

Second, if Asians have the smallest testes, do they also normally ejaculate 1 tablespoon as you mentioned elsewhere, or does that standard apply only to Africans or Caucasian?

I'm Asian and want to know if it's realistic for me to strive for that seminal standard.

Excellent website BTW. :)

Testicle Size & Ejaculation Volume in Asian Men

Hello B9,

Grapefruit sized human testicles do exist, but they are extremely rare.

When you start talking about normal men, under normal circumstances, things get a little less extreme.

Think the size of a large egg, shell intact, and you'll have a good idea where the human potential normally extends itself.

Of course, most men fall well below that benchmark, but I wouldn't concern myself too much with that.

What matters most is maximizing what you have....taking care of your goods, and minimizing the self inflicted damage that's so common among men today...

Damage brought on by estrogenic foods, steroids, excessive alcohol consumption, prescription medications, chemicals in the environment, and estrogen levels gone wild.

Testicle Size & Ejaculation Volume in Asian Men

You asked about your ability, as an Asian, to ejaculate the 1 tablespoon standard.

My answer to you is, test the hypothesis yourself.


Follow the protocols on this site, and get your testosterone levels dialed in to perfection.

Once accomplished, morning wood, spontaneous erections, sexual motivation, and powerful libido should all come on in spades.

This is when the test should begin...

During this period, resist the urge to ejaculate for 5 - 7 days.

To notch things up a bit, add a few Edging sessions into the mix.

As a quick side note, pay particular attention to your energy levels, motivation, and overall mood while in this highly sexed state.

If you are anything like me, you're definitely going to enjoy the ride.


When the trial period is over and you allow yourself to release, step back and take a look at the results.

I have a strong feeling you'll be extremely pleased with the outcome.

Testicle Size & Ejaculation Volume in
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