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Average Ejaculation Size! How Big Should it Be?

by Tim

Average Ejaculation Size! How Big Should it Be?

Hi Mark,

I've responded well to the Ball Zinger Penis Ring even though I honestly didn't expect a whole lot when I ordered it.

I started having morning erections again which is nice, plus my ejaculations are somewhat bigger.

This has been great, but I've been having a problem with the tubes popping off the rods occasionally in the early mornings.

Also, I know this number will vary, but how big should my ejaculations be on average?

Thanks for everything you do on your site!

Average Ejaculation Size!
How Big Should it Be?

Hello Tim,

Ejaculations typically range from about a teaspoon up to a tablespoon or more in size.

If you're playing the game correctly, you should be in the tablespoon range every single time you ejaculate.

In other words, an orgasm should be a pretty messy proposition.

If not, you're either ejaculating too often, or you've slipped into the estrogen zone.


Elevated estrogen levels are the leading cause of testicular atrophy in men.

Excess E also leads to lower sperm output and decreased ejaculation volume.

If your ejaculate ever drops down into the teaspoon range, it's important that you take steps to
Boost Testosterone and reduce estrogen levels.

Your next order of business is to control when and how often you ejaculate.

If you're still 16 you can get away with 10 or more orgasms a week.

But us older guys aren't so lucky...

Especially those suffering from low sex drive or erectile dysfunction.

Follow the link below to

Orgasm Without Ejaculation.

Average Ejaculation Size!
How Big Should it Be?


Your problem with the Zinger is a common one.

You put the Zinger on in a flaccid state at night, and while you're sleeping the device pulls off it's magic.

You wake up around 5 am with a powerful erection, which puts pressure on the tubes and one of them pops off.

Fortunately the solution is simple, and should take you all of 5 minutes to fix.

Use some sand paper or the edge of a knife and rough up the ends of the rods.


Place a tiny bit of super glue on the roughed up parts just before slipping them back on.

This will hold the tubes in place for the duration.

Thanks for your questions!

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Average Ejaculation Size How Big Should it Be
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ring after vasectomy
by: Anonymous

I have had a vasectomy. Will the ring cause sperm to increase and cause me injury since they can't leave the testicles?

Hello Anonymous,

I can't make any guarantees or medical claims, but I can say that dozens of my site visitors, who have undergone vasectomy surgery, use the ring with no problems whatsoever.


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