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Steroids Side effects! Penis & Testicle Atrophy!

by Tony

Steroids Side effects! Penis & Testicle Atrophy!

Hi Mark,

I am a body builder.

I have taken deca durabolin & Testosterone Injections

My penis size has become very small and so have my testicles.

Please help me

Steroids Side effects! Penis & Testicle Atrophy

Hi Tony,

Hormone fueled bodybuilding is a funny thing, if you really think about it.

In a effort to be more manly, more muscular, more studly, you've lost the only true things that deliver those goods to a man...

Your penis and testicles.

Granted, you haven't lost them entirely, but they've withered so badly, you feel like you have, don't you?

When you really think hard about it, this whole process is not such a manly proposition after all.

I know you probably think I'm preaching to the choir, but I'm really not even talking to you right now, Tony.

I'm talking to the 300 or so guys that come here every day of the week looking for information...

Information on steroids, how to give an injection, where to buy hypodermic needles, how to get testosterone enanthate without a prescription, etc, etc...

My analytics software, and the emails that hit my box every day tell me all about these guys.

Mostly young, and not thinking too much about the future...

Yup, long term thinking for them equates to a grand total of about 3 months.

In other words, if I inject this testosterone into my butt for the next 6 weeks, I'll get really, really big.

Then I can have sex with all kinds of women!

But you and I both know it doesn't quite work out that way, don't we?

Sure, they'll put on 20 pounds of muscle in a couple of months, but the ride won't always be so smooth.


Because, walking around hostile, angry, and pissed off all the time doesn't feel too good.

Especially when you're carrying around 15 pounds of water weight, losing your hair, and breaking out with cystic acne on your back, shoulders, and chest.

Of course, the real surprise comes at the very end, when you eventually go off the juice...

When you wake up one morning to find that your junk has taken a massive hit.

And here's where the brutality really kicks in...

The testicular atrophy slaps you across the face just when all that easy muscle you've packed on starts to melt off you.

Yup, once you go off the juice the bulk begins to fade away, almost overnight.

So at the end of this journey, you wind up right back where you started in the muscle department...with boys that have withered, atrophied, and gone to sleep.

And there you stand, looking around, thinking to yourself, what just happened to me?

Where are all the girls, the muscle, and the sex!

What did my erections go...what happened to my testicles?

Steroids Side effects! Penis & Testicle Atrophy

I want to apologize for the rant Tony.

Like I said a moment ago, the above was really directed at all those guys who haven't used roids yet, but are seriously thinking about it.

As for you, I'm happy to say, there is still hope...

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Steroids Side effects Penis & Testicle Atrophy to
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