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Sex After Prostate Cancer!

by Anonymous

Sex After Prostate Cancer!

Hello Mark,

I don't have a story to tell but a question to ask about your product, the Ball Zinger Penis Ring

I 've been reading the testimonies and they sound very encouraging, but will it work for me?

I had prostate surgery almost two years ago and getting an erection is just not the same because I don't get rock hard anymore.

I have an erectile dysfunction pump which is cumbersome, and I take the pills and they have helped my erections to improve but, it sounds as if this thing you're promoting seems to be working.

Do you know of anyone who has had prostate surgery and is using this product, and if so, what have the results been like?

Please! Please! Advise!

Thank you!

Sex After Prostate Cancer!

Hello Anonymous,

First off, I need to let you know this is not my product.

I recommend and use the device, but do not manufacture, distribute, or sell it.

In answer to your question, yes, there are quite a few former prostate cancer sufferers using the Ball Zinger Penis Ring.

I can't make any claims as to exactly what the zinger will do for you, but I can report on what these men have shared with me.

(Read full disclosure at bottom of page)


None of them have made the claim that the device, by itself, brought them back to their pre-surgery

That being said, most claim that is does bring on stronger, but not rock hard erections, more frequent morning wood, and enhanced sex drive.

I heard from one man who went from completely dry ejaculations, to ejaculating in small amounts after about 6 weeks of daily use.

Those who achieve the most success combine the zinger with OTC Testosterone Boosters.

This 1 -2 punch is much more likely to deliver results than just the ring by itself.


I know the vacuum penis pump can be cumbersome, but it is natural, and completely free of side effects.

Many doctors are prescribing erectile dysfunction drugs or intracavernous injection therapy to treat post surgery ED.

Personally, I feel that prostate cancer sufferers have been through enough medical hell as it is.

The last thing they need are more drugs, injections, treatments, or clinical assaults on a body that's already been through the ringer.

If I were in your shoes, I would work with the zinger, the herbal testosterone supplements, and the penis pump.

These should improve your situation, without the negative side effects.

Good luck!

Sex After Prostate Cancer to
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