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Saw Palmetto & Erections!
Side Effects & Benefits of SP!

by Anonymous

Saw Palmetto & Erections!
Side Effects & Benefits of SP!

Hi Mark,

I am a 22 yr old male.

I had been prescribed Saw Palmetto pills as a medication for curing a hair loss problem.

I was prescribed 700mg of Saw Palmetto daily in two doses.

I took 30 pills in all, almost everyday, with a week's break once.

I am now facing problems of erectile dysfunction and constipation.

Its been a week since I have stopped the medicine. Please advice me what I should do and will the problem recede with time?

I have not had any symptoms of erectile dysfunction before.

Thank you.

Saw Palmetto & Erections!
Side Effects & Benefits of SP!


I'm not surprised you're suffering sexual side effects, especially at that dosage.

Here's my take on Saw Palmetto, and it hasn't changed a whole lot over the years.

Used occasionally, it can be helpful, especially for guys suffering enlarged prostate.

Remember, the keyword here is occasionally.

Take the herb chronically, and you're heading for trouble.

In other words, if you begin to use it like a drug, and take it daily, to treat a medical condition, get ready for side effect city.

Saw Palmetto & Erections!
Side Effects & Benefits of SP!

Saw Palmetto is typically used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy, acne, and hair loss.

The reason is was prescribed to you, is because saw palmetto reduces DHT levels.

DHT is the primary culprit in male pattern baldness, as excess levels in the scalp causes the growth phase of the hair to be shortened.

This starts a cascade of events, that eventually leads to permanent hair loss.

The problem is, you need some DHT. Without it, you have no sex drive, no libido.

I assume you're in a part of Europe, where Saw Palmetto is prescribed, and not available over the counter.

If that's the case, you're more than likely taking a very potent extract.

At 700 mg, which is twice the standard dose, it's no surprise you're suffering erectile dysfunction, at the ripe old age of 22.

A strong extract, at that dosage, is probably very similar in action to Propecia - Finesteride, the hairloss drug know to cause severe sexual side effects in men.

Saw Palmetto & Erections!
Side Effects & Benefits of SP!

It's good you went off the herb.

At your age, you should bounce back rather quickly.

If you'd like to hurry the process, you can begin a cycle of Testosterone Boosters

These will kick start your libido very quickly.

To control the conversion of testosterone into estrogen and DHT in the future, you can cycle the supplements at the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind, less is more when it comes to these herbs.

Take them in small dosages, and cycle them regularly to avoid side effects.

What you're looking for is a healthy balance, a symphony, with all of the sex hormones.

What you don't want to do, is zap one of them into complete and total oblivion.

This includes the much maligned and villainized dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

Saw Palmetto & Erections Side Effects & Benefits to
Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

Comments for Saw Palmetto & Erections!
Side Effects & Benefits of SP!

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Aug 31, 2018
Saw Palmetto Side effects (Possible Cure)
by: Acronimus

I know that many people subscribed to this page have been following any evolution regarding the effects of Saw Palmetto. I have to say that I have almost entirely recovered from the erections issue.

Initially I thought the cause of my ED was the 45 pills I took of SAW PALMETTO 2 years ago, but eventually, I found that this may not have been my case. (Check all my entries in this post as Acronimus).

The solution in my case was very simple: Just stay fit and lose that excess of fat that you have on your body.

I just realized I was eating like a pig, and the excess of fat increased my level of cholesterol and fat in my body making it hard to flow inside your arteries.

Additionally, one doctor told me that the excess of fat could create for some people the rise of progesterone and eventually diminishing the levels of Testosterone.

My blood exams showed this in the very beginning and I did not pay attention to them. In fact, some other doctor told me that this fat could be beneficial for my erections, but wrong.

I am 181 cm tall and my weight was 102 Kilos, just after I begun having problems with my erections.

I was clearly with overweight additionally my levels of cholesterol and triglycerides were way up high. As soon as I begun to lose weight the erections started to appear again.

Now I am weighting 85 Kilos and I have to still lose some 4 to 5 kilos to have an adequate weight. My testosterone came back from 10 nmol/L to almost 16 this an increase of more than 60%.

I firmly believe that this solution may be the case for some of you, but you also need to set a plan to lose the weight in a correct manner and not causing harm to yourself.

My best wishes to all of you I hope that you can get back to normal soon. Do not lose your hope.

Apr 20, 2018
I will never be the same
by: Anonymous

I took saw palmetto for 2.5 years for hair loss (320mg extract daily) from 2014-2016.

After the first week, I noticed that I had ED to porn for the first time.

I went to my GP and he said stop all the supplements I was taking.

I decided not to listed and to take it a while longer and see if the sides went away.

They went away and stayed away until the end of 2015 when I started to have trouble shooting ejaculate, and noticed that my libido was basically zero and that looking at a girl was like looking at a tree.

Like an idiot, I STILL continued the saw for another year.

I had a chance to save my life and get off this poison while my androgens/body were fighting to give me a second chance, and I let them down.

Now it is too late for me and I am trying to stay positive that there are other things to live for.

So far, 2+ years of:

-no libido
-no desire to masturbate
-Ejaculate only dribbles out
-Weak at the gym
-Terrible depression, especially in the morning
-Brain fog
-No aspirations
-Social isolation
-PFS sps

Dec 29, 2017
Saw Palmetto causes hypogonadism
by: Acronimus

It has been now a year since I took this thing, and I am going down the drain due to this medication.

My blood examination during the year total testosterone is still going down after a year from the initial crash 13.55 -12.57-11.33 nmol/L (Each 6 months separation)

The psychological effects that this thing brings are terrible.

I have tried medications such as tadalafil that was prescribed by my urologist. This helped me to jump start from the initial crush that lasted me for 1 month, but giving me headaches and stomach acidity.

After that, I visited other doctors that diagnosed my ED with depression so they prescribed me antidepressants which totally threw away my libido and my capacity to have an orgasm. Again It was extremely difficult to get back to have more bearable erections.

Right now I am taking each day zinc with vitamin E and selenium that keep me in a middle with a little more powerful orgasms. From time to time I take L-Arginine that helps me a little bit but is still shit.

There some moments when I feel getting back to almost normal, and that is when I do some water fasting ( skipping some meals), or I have stopped having some breakfast in the week.

Additionally, I have also tried vardenafil that gives me less headache and gastric acidity. I would like to hear more recent information from you, have you improved something?

Mar 08, 2017
Saw Palmetto - No problems
by: JB

Hey guys,

Sorry to read so many struggling with problems.
I used high doses of Saw Palmetto for 6 months and had absolutely no side effects(at least nothing I noticed)!
I was taking 585mg x 6 a day = 3510mg

Never had any problems with erections, libido(mine has always been high though) or anything like that. I did feel my hair thickness wasn't getting worse though(or at least not as fast).

I wonder if any of you were taking multiple supplements that were combining to increase the effects?

I've noticed a bad trend in the last 10 years of companies bundling multiple vitamins,herbal extracts etc into pills along with their "super ingredient/s".

Either increase the attractiveness of the products from a marketing perspective or to add to their ingredients effects etc.

From these bad practices some people are taking way over the recommended intake of many things, and you need to be careful!I'm not trying to convince anyone that Saw Palmetto should or should not be consumed.

My advice would be no matter what you're consuming whether it's a supplement or food/drink etc research the origins,handling,manufacturing background where possible. We're exposed to so many things these days, our body has to tolerate so much and we still expect it to perform like it's a 100% machine.

Air, water, food, supplements,alcohol,drugs(good&bad),germs/viruses ....these things or substances in them all attack our body daily.

If you begin to have side effects from anything(if severe go to the dr or emergency dept at hospital), slowly reduce intake over a few days/weeks and then stop.

Make sure your water and diet is clean and balanced. Your body should recover from most things.

Get your blood,hormones and general health checked before and after trying any treatments!

Natural and manufactured products can hurt you. Don't be embarrassed to talk to people with knowledge before just jumping onto something you read about.

Quick/easy fixes are extremely rare, improve your diet, sleep first.Then improve your fitness.Give it 6 weeks if you still feel lacking in any way get a check up!

Sorry for the novel lol. Good luck and better health people. JB

Jan 20, 2017
SP for hair loss or Arnica?
by: Anonymous

At 22 years of age, having taken Saw Palmetto for thirty days, one should bounce back to normal quite fast.

As to taking something to bounce back faster, well, I am so wary of interfering with normal body function, that maybe its better to let things be for a month and observe, rather than chase a cure for a problem that might not be.

For hair loss, have a look at Arnica in homeopathic form.

I posted below, that I got low libido and shriveled genitals, from taking Saw Palmetto, and four months since I stopped I am back to normal, normal that is for 72 years old.

I also posted below that Saw Palmetto caused me nocturnal enuresis. I will correct that here.

Yes, at the time of excessive Saw Palmetto intake, the nocturnal enuresis did start.

Even after ceasing the Saw Palmetto some six months back it continues. I now find out that the enuresis is due to hyperglucose, which is diabetes, and is the body's attempt to get rid of the excess glucose.

Whether Saw Palmetto initiated that, or whether it was a coincidence of timing I am not so sure.

I took the Saw Palmetto for BPH, but now realise that BPH symptoms and diabetes symptoms overlap in a confusing way. The interesting thing is that I now have no BPH symptoms but fully developed diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes comes from prolonged and intrusive stress. primarily disappointment. Get rid of the disappointment and there is a good chance to lower the hyperglucose.

Still, I am very wary of Saw Palmetto which is marketed on a massive scale with many good reports for BPH. Still, less is best, and I would recommend Arnica before I ever looked at SP.

Oct 15, 2016
Impotent, incontinent and alcohol intolerant.
by: Peter

I am 71 years old. Some eight months ago I started on SP for BPH, dosage two capsules twice a day of SP berries 525 mg.

In addition I took Prostate combo one capsule a day.
In the beginning I noticed a loss of libido. That did not concern me. Recently I noticed a shrinking of the genitals and that does concern me.

Some four months into the regime, I began to experience nightly incontinence every night.

I put the two things together and realized that it was due to the SP lowering the T levels. I was reaching the nappy stage, just like the old guys in the nursing homes, due to the same reason, lack of T.

I have stopped for a few days, and noticed that night time urination is lessening.

I also notice, that my liking for beer has dropped right off.

Before I would drink three bottles, but now its only one and without much interest. Very different from before.

Yes, I did get rid of BPH, but the price was to become impotent, incontinent, and alcohol intolerant. Foolish mistake.

To you younger men, realize that playing games with hormonal affecting substances, has outcomes that you can never be sure of, so its best by far to avoid.

Be warned.

Sep 01, 2016
Saw palmetto post finasteride propecia syndrome.
by: Acronimus

I am male 30 years old, and I stop taking it after feeling a decrease in my boner, and experience myself the secondary effects. I took 70 pills of 320 mg one per day prescribed by my dermatologist and now suffering the consequences .No improvements in hair loss after all.

I really believe that this drug should be banned. It has the same effects as post-finasteride propecia syndrome.

After I stopped taking this drug, I tried to look for natural alternatives to block DHT, and I also experienced the same effect by taking natural 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, like green tea, avocados, and mushrooms. I believe that if you are trying to get a recovery you should erase them from your menu. I will keep you informed about my evolution.

I hope I can get my boner back some day, I will keep you informed.

Jan 16, 2016
by: Anonymous

When people are going through something disturbing or unusual, it's encouraging to find out you're not alone!

After reading the past comments it's uplifting i have other brothers ( related by circumstances) experience the same side effects from saw palmetto meaning i'm wasn't alone (i'm currently recovering).

I was taking saw palmetto for 5 month straight before suddenly my mojo went on a vacation (with no warning). First I was taking in the herb capsules then in gel capsule ( more powerful) Like others I wanted to regrow my hair (it did about 35%).

It did decrease me going to bathroom early in the morning, but it decreased my joy stick. My joy stick is working again and I take the herb only once a week!

Jun 18, 2015
stopped ejaculating
by: dribbles

I started taking Saw Palmetto because a friend said it stopped his urge to pee at night. I started having that problem a little, and decided to try it.

Sure enough, I didn't have to get up at night at all. I had been taking it for about 3 weeks, and noticed I was not "shooting" anymore when jacking off. It just dribbles out.

I went to the web thinking it must be the Saw Palmetto, and wanted to see what others have experienced. I'm not alone it seems.
After not taking it for a few weeks, I'm still NOT having a strong ejaculation.

I'm terrified after reading all the forums that it's over for me, having a good strong powerful impressive orgasm....

That was enjoyable and is important to me. We need to get the word out. This stuff can be BAD NEWS!

Jun 12, 2015
No ed
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 22 and had hair loss since as early as I could remember but it was just a seriously thin spot where a usual baldness occurs, been taking finasteride for about a year and a half now, completely cured me all I have is a sort of thin spot but I have thick ass dirty blonde hair now, and it looks like a full thick head of hair.

Before it looked like I was literally losing my hair in the typical MPB type of fashion but it was like that for about ten years n didn't really progress. But I have nothing wrong with my sex drive, in fact if anything it's increased ten fold.

Can anyone tell me if that means I'm not gonna have those side effects or does it mean I'm inevitably gonna have them now because people on here said this herb or hormone that's being talked about made them like this but I hear this all the time about propecia.

Hi there,

My gut tells me your age may have something to do with the lack of negative side effects...and if they haven't hit yet, I think you're going to be okay.

That will likely change as you approach 30, so I wouldn't mess with this supplement again, because the second time around you may not be so lucky.


Jun 03, 2015
Saw Palmetto took the energy out of my penis.
by: Anonymous

I have been consuming 350mg CO2 extract saw palmetto softgels orally for the last 8 days after meal. And now I'm unable to masturbate as before. I don't get any erection like before. Another thing is I'm having constipation problem and forgetfulness.
I have ordered Doctor's Best Saw Palmetto from ebay and regretting now after 8 days.
Now my only worries is will I get back to normal like before?
If I don't taking saw palmetto would be the worst mistake I have ever made in my life.
Guys don't touch Saw Palmetto.
I'm throwing the bottle right now. I'm very very sad right now

Jan 14, 2015
10 years
by: Anonymous

I took Saw Palmetto and for 10 years I have had all of the symptoms everyone here mentioned. I have been to some of the top doctors in the nation. It appears I am not androgen insensitive. For everone here, we are suffering from Post Finasteride Syndrome. Check out pfsfoundstion.org and propeciahelp.com

Basicslly any 5ar inhibitor can cause this

Apr 25, 2014
Another sufferer
by: Anonymous

After taking this for almost 6 months I finally realized that SP was the cause of my tremendous drop in libido. I've been off for a month now and have a plan in place to try to get back to normal but who knows if it'll work. Has anyone had any luck?

Mar 06, 2014
Saw Palmetto Caused loss libido
by: Anonymous

Yes, just like the rest of you I started getting soft erections after taking a high dose of Saw Palmetto of 320mg at one time a day. I notice my wood disappeared after doing that. When I tried to have sex with my wife I couldn't get hard to penetrate. I started looking on the internet and saw many were suffering also. I stopped immediately after reading everyone's stories and fortunately my libido came back 2 days later.

I was on Saw Palmetto for a month and didn't experience anything negative but the next two weeks I decided to up my dosage and immediately my libido was zapped. Please do not take a high dosage of Saw Palmetto especially if it's CO2 extracted capsules. Those are high potency so beware. From what I researched, if you take high dosages of Saw Palmetto for an extended time you could damage your liver and it's irreversible. If you continue to use Saw Palmetto please use a low dosage of 160mg a day for a short period of time.

As far as getting my libido back, I was already working out in the gym plus taking L Arginine and other supplements. That might be the reason I got my libido back quickly. Plus L Arginine does helps erections so this could be a factor. After reading everything on this site, I don't think I will take Saw Palmetto again. One thing I will say, Saw Palmetto did clear up my inflamed prostate.

Feb 11, 2014
Never take Saw Palmetto Orally
by: Anonymous

I am from India, age 26, I took orally 320mg SP extract on & off for 1 and half year for frontal hair loss.

I used two brands-

1. Ultimate nutrition saw palmetto and
2. Vitamin shoppe.

At the beginning of first two months while on SP I felt some what urgency in ejaculation/masturbation, penis used to look fuller though but it went down with some unwanted symptoms with the gradual passage of times.

I always used to have very high libido and good genetics but now I am facing all sort of post Finasteride Syndrome symptoms.

Symptoms -

1. Watery Sperm and small ejaculation
2. Fat accumulation and loss of mass
3. Fat face
4. Not able to take deep sleep at night
4. Male breast enlargement
5. Low libido
6. Dark circles under eyes.
7. Decreased Penis size and crocked penis
7. Erectile Dysfunction/difficult in maintaining erection
8. Memory loss like forget some names sometimes.
9. Decreased body power.
10. Getting exhausted easily
11. Seems to be like my heart and arteries are not as powerful as before.
12. Some gas problem though appetite is okay.

Its been 6 months I quit SP and I am not getting back to normal.

I am planning to change my life style to boost my testosterone before getting married like high intensity workout, weight lifting, ZMA,horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, ginseng, MACA, vitamins, protein powder, mass gainer and other sex enhancing Indian herbs.

Let me take you to the point which gave me hair loss.
1. Lean mass gainer supplement and over training weight lifting
2. Weather and water change due to change of place where i went for studies.
3. Over masturbation.
3. Poor diet and stress sometimes.

But as soon as i joined Gym and started taking taking supplement-whey, lean mass gainer, Vitamin-E,B and Calcium, I saw quick and great results like-fat loss, muscle gain, high libido, huge energy, deep and long good night sleep like almost 10 hours, toned,young skin, no wrinkle and no circle. I got an increase in my penis size and thickness. I was able to sex and masturbate for very longer times.

Now everything seems to be opposite.

I would like to apply Saw Palmetto and ketoconazole shampoo topically.

Sex and Hair both are required now.

Jul 30, 2013
Saw palmetto
by: Anonymous

To all,
I also took saw palmetto at a very high dose. I took it for 16 days. That was over a user ago and since then I have been left with ED.

I have tried many things to help me recover; such as: multivitamins, exercise, healthy diet.

In my opinion the only thing that has helped me is trying to fix my adrenals. I rarely eat fruits as they are high in fructose. I try to consume lots of proteins like eggs, chicken and organ meats such as liver.

I now get regular erections at night and wake with an erection. However, if I stray from my diet then the following few nights I do not get an erection. Also quit; coffee, fizzy drinks, fruit juices.

I tend to lots of chicken and eggs.

Good luck to us all in returning back to normal.

Jul 22, 2013
Stay Away from SP
by: Anonymous

I am a 23 year old woman who took saw palmetto in November 2011 (320 mg/day). I quit because I had terrible brain fog. 20 months later, I still have terrible brain fog.

It went away for 3 weeks upon cessation and then returned. I have also experienced a 90% decrease in libido. My personality has changed because I'm not as quick witted as I once was.

This is not psychosomatic. The reality is that inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT by messing with 5-alpha reductase is a disastrous decision for a minority of folks.

I took this to curb thinning hair and persistent acne, and it's the single biggest regret of my life.

I am considering reaching out to one of the doctors who specializes in endocrinology and the side effects some men experience from taking finasteride.

You cannot know what your risk factor is for developing sides from SP - if you read this, please take my example to heart.

Mar 04, 2013
Saw Palmetto ruined my life too
by: Pereira

Im so depressed, my wife thinks I dont like her anymore. Im only 37, I learned the hard way that SP lowers your testosterone, it has been 2 years since I quit taking it and I feel worse than ever, Im trying with Hcg shots to see if my testicles finally start to produce more testosterone, im waiting.

Aug 26, 2012

propecia and saw palmetto are just TOO good at blocking dht for many people... they say for a small % .. but.. not if you're the one it happens to, right?
other options... so topically!! .. or..

maybe stinging nettle root, or fenugreek are better ways to go... or pygeum and lycipene... cycle those instead... perhaps taking Saw Palmetto just once a week with your cycle would be an option... but after reading the posts above... i could see wanted to stay clear from saw p...

Aug 13, 2012
Saw Palmetto loss of sensation of the penis
by: Anonymous


I took 1000mg on and off for 2 months..I had zero side effects while "ON" the drug..then I quit the drug because I thought the drug wouldn't help me in any way.

Then 3 weeks passed and all of a sudden I had no libido I couldn't get it up by watching something erotic...I had to play with it to get it up. Then 3 days after that my penis went COLD...especially the TIP of my penis it also got very pale I had to pinch the skin on top of my penis HARD to feel any pain.

My whole penis was practically numb..I lost all sensation/sensitivity on it same with my balls and my nipples...I used to have very very sensitive nipples+ penis now they are at 0%.

This drug has screwed my nervous system too. I often lose all sensitivity on most parts of my body and sometimes I lose the feeling of "pain" I could hit my doors very hard with my fist without feeling ANY PAIN WHAT SO EVER.

I could hit the doors very hard many times without feeling anything…I even got a sore on my fist.. then after like 20 minutes I got the feeling of pain BACK...this happened 4 times. I'm normal now it hasn't happened in some days now..but the sensitivity loss in many parts of my body totally disappears sometimes.

My penis doesn't feel numb now but I have very very little sensation/sensitivity on it and I mean VERY LTITLE...sometimes I feel it more sometimes I barely feel it. Maybe I took too high a dosage...but it even said on the bottle "take 1 or 2 capsules 2 times a day" so I just decided to take 2 times per day...x2 225 in the morning and x2 225mg at night with MEALS.

I took it on and off as I said I had 1-2 weeks breaks at all times of every 1-2-3 weeks of usage... I have ruined my life and its all my fault…I'm only 24...looking at girls at shopping malls no longer triggers ANYTHING in my brain or between my legs..

I'm very doubtful that I will ever recover from this... very doubtful..

Oct 17, 2011
Side effects
by: Anonymous

Guys there are lots of people who have these side effects it seems and most are permanent. Keep an eye on PropeciaHelp.

The people there were also affected but from Propecia, same side effects and same mechanism. If a cure will come in the future it will be through that site!

Sep 06, 2011
Saw Palmetto and Libido Boosters
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a similar story, I actually started using saw palmetto as a hair loss preventative as i noticed i was thinning quite badly - it seems to have totally stopped my hair loss but, after 3-4 months, I noticed i had trouble ejaculating and maintaining an erection so I quit taking saw palmetto orally.

Instead, I use it only on my scalp, and, so far, it appears to be working equally well in preventing hair loss (Male pattern baldness) and I have begun taking libido boosters several times per week (you know, horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, ginseng, gingko biloba, etc) and things seem to be getting better.

My advice to anyone who needs to use saw palmetto, is find a way to apply it topically (either to your scalp, genitals, etc, but don't take it orally.

Sep 01, 2011
Saw Palmetto and Erection Problems
by: Anonymous

I started taking Saw Palmetto (320mg per day) for 60 days. During the sixth week, I began to have erection problems.

Wildly excited but limp as a noodle. I'm stopping the stuff and hope to get back to normal soon. This can easily turn into an anxiety issue on getting an erection even after stopping the supplement.

As we all know, worry about getting hard will kill an erection.

Jan 15, 2011
Saw Palmetto Dangerous! Must be Banned
by: SP victim

It is very dangerous. I took 320 mg for 4 months and now I am suffering very badly.

I have become impotent, lost muscles, got osteoporosis and very bad health.

Constantly feeling nausea, can not eat,walk do daily chores, feel like brain has died.

I am losing teeth like an old man. I am only 40.
It has been 3 years and I am still suffering very badly.

My career has ruined and family life has suffered very badly. I appeal to all people please stay away from Saw palmetto.

Sep 19, 2010
Saw palmetto and erectile dysfunction
by: Wade

Hello I am a 39 yr old male living in central Georgia,And a couple months ago I started taking Saw Palmetto just to help with my prostate.

I thought that since I was getting close to 40 I needed to start taking care of the ole prostate.But shortly after I began the saw palmetto something else STOPPED..and I don't like it at all. In my 39yrs of life I have never had a problem getting an erection,But now If I do get an erection I can't even keep it even if I concentrate my hardest.

I did stop taking the saw palmetto but it has been a couple of months now and I am still having this problem.What can I do to help get my self regulated so to speak?

I know that since im a little older it may take a little more time,But hey Im willing to do ANYTHING at this point.I know that as we get older our sexual desire kind of dwindles a bit, but hey im only 39 and I still love to have sex with mt wife.

It's not that I don't want it it's just that my penis and my brain just are not communicating as well as they used to. HELP...HELP....HELP

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