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Saw Palmetto Testosterone & Libido!


Saw Palmetto Testosterone & Libido!

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This herb can be a tough one to figure out.

Some guys who take it see an increase in sex drive, while others take a big hit in the libido department.

Saw Palmetto Products!

Since Saw Palmetto fits in nicely with the natural treatments I recommend here, I've spent a lot of time working on the best way to use it.

If you're on Saw Palmetto for prostate treatment or for hair loss prevention and you have not lost your sex drive, you have nothing to worry about. Just stay with it.

If you've been following the advice here, and have been successful at balancing your hormone levels, you'll find that this herb will do a very good job preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

DHT is the culprit when it comes to hairloss and enlarged prostate.

If you've lost some of your mojo while on this herb, here are some things you can do to get it back.

Get off Finasteride!

Many guys who take Saw Palmetto also take Finasteride, (also know as propecia and proscar).

If you are on this drug, I highly recommend that you stop.

Follow the link below for more info..

Finasteride Propecia Testosterone and Libido

Take Stinging Nettle Root Extract!

Do not take Saw Palmetto 7 days a week. Take breaks, and cycle the herb with Nettle Root extract.

In clinical research, Nettle Root has demonstrated the ability to stop the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone by inhibiting aromatase, the enzyme required for the conversion.

Other research also reveals that Nettle can prevent SHBG that has already bound to a hormone from attaching to the receptor sites on the prostate.

It also decreases the production of estrogen's by inhibiting an enzyme required for their production.

Take Palmetto a few days a week, and Nettle a few days a week. Every 7 days or so, take a break from both for 24 hours.

Supplement with Avena Sativa!

If you're taking Saw Palmetto, you'll find that Avena Sativa has a nice balancing effect on your hormones. Of all the natural testosterone boosters I've tested, this one seems to work the best alongside Palmetto.

Avena Sativa works by releasing bound testosterone which increases your free testosterone levels.


Saw Palmetto Testosterone and Libido to

Saw Palmetto Testosterone and Libido to the

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