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Resveratrol, Estrogen, Aromatase & Testosterone

by Hailey

Resveratrol, Estrogen, Aromatase & Testosterone

Hi Mark,

My husband has been using the supplements you suggested on your website and I have to say they are working very well, thanks.

I had a question about another supplement I came across, "Resveratrol" and was wondering if you think it is any good at inhibiting the effect of aromatase?

Thanks in advance!

Resveratrol, Estrogen, Aromatase & Testosterone

Hello Hailey,

Glad to hear that the testosterone boosters are working out for your husband.

In answer to your question regarding resveratrol and aromatase, I'm not sure.

I've been tracking this supplement for almost a decade and have only come across a handful of studies that get into it's effects on aromatase or estrogen.

Here's what I've gathered after reviewing the literature.

Sometimes resveratrol does work as an estrogen antoginist...(Binds to estrogen receptors, but does not provoke an estrogenic response).

For a man with elevated E, this is a good thing.


It can also work as an estrogen agonist, which isn't so good...(Agonist means mimicking the action of a naturally occurring substance, in this case estrogen).

So the question remains, exactly how will your husband respond to this supplement...

Will it work as an agonist or an antoginist?

This depends on a couple of factors, the most important being how much 17 beta-estradiol he has moving through his blood stream.

I don't know about you, but I have no clue what my 17 beta-estradiol levels are.


Since I'm adamantly against obsessive compulsive hormone testing, I don't believe you should spend too much of your time finding out.

For these reasons, I have not included resveratrol in my list of estrogen blocking substances.

Things just get too dicey and complicated with this agent, and personally, I like to keep things simple.

That's why I continue to use the same 3 supplements to control my estrogen levels...



Nettle Root

Resveratrol, Estrogen, Aromatase & Testosterone


I do have to admit that I take Resveratrol
occasionally, for life extension reasons.

This supplement mimics many of the benefits brought on by calorie restriction, a proven life extender.

To avoid any potential negative side effects, I monitor myself closely, and only take it occasionally.

To fill in the gaps between doses, I sip high quality red wine

Red wine, especially pinot noir, contains moderate amounts of resveratrol...

And getting your nutrients from real foods or beverages is usually a pretty safe bet.

Especially a substance like red wine, which has been consumed safely by humans for centuries.

Thanks for your question!

Resveratrol Estrogen, Aromatase & Testosterone
to Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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Add to previous post on resveratrol and estrogen
by: Anonymous

I need to add to the post below that I am elderly, and thus have higher estrogen than younger men. I understand that resveratrol is an estrogen enhancer in men with higher estrogen levels (as in my elderly state) but is an estrogen blocker in men with lower estrogen levels.

Also I was taking some DHEA which can increase estrogen.

Resveratrol as an estrogen agonist

Resveratrol as an estrogen agonist
by: Anonymous

I took at least 2 grams a day for weeks, and ran into trouble with male breast enlargement and very tender/painful to the touch.

My testosterone was low (about 230) when this happened. I am overweight and inactive. Now quitting the resveratrol, losing weight, taking testosterone and getting some exercise.

by: ken haynie

Mark what are the three suppliments you use to control
your estrogen? ken......

Hi Ken,

Here's the supplement protocol I recommend now to control estrogen.

Good luck!

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