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Calcium Glucarate Estrogen

Benefits Dosage & Side Effects

Calcium Glucarate Estrogen

I Choked on Saturday!

I sent out an email regarding the estrogen blocking pill, Calcium Glucarate, that didn't cut it.

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And I know I choked because I woke up Sunday morning to exactly 26 emails asking simple questions, I should have addressed BEFORE I sent you the email.

I'm going Man Up right now and admit that I dialed this one in‚...fell short, missed the mark, failed to deliver the quality you expect out of me.

Today I plan to fix that, and here's exactly why!

When you signed up to my email list you put your trust in me, and I can assure you, I take that trust DEAD seriously!

This means that I don't ever want you to see me as just another chump sending out thin, garbage, low quality material.

I respect you and your time way too much for that!

When I send you information, I want that information to be Excellent, Detailed, Complete, and ACTION READY!

Saturdays email fell short of these standards.

So now I'm going to take a step back and address all the issues I SHOULD have tackled earlier.

Better late than never...

Calcium Glucarate Estrogen! Benefits Dosage & Side Effects

Calcium Glucarate side effects

Jim From Atlanta Asked:

Hi Mark,

This all sounds good, but how much do you take, and does it need to be cycled?


Hi Jim,

If you've been taking steps to reduce exposure to chemicals and you live and work in a relatively clean environment, you can use Calcium D Glucarate on an as needed basis.

For example, when painting a bedroom, staining a wood deck, or any other time you know you'll be exposed to estrogenic chemicals.

If you live or work in a toxic environment, you should supplement daily with Calcium D Glucarate, anywhere between 500 and 1500 mgs.

To be on the safe side I'd operate at the lower end of that range and work my way up from there.

Mike from Bellevue, WA Asked:

You mentioned DIM, but didn't explain what it is or how it should be used.


Hi Mike,

Guilty as charged!

DIM (Diindolylmethane) is an extract made from cruciferous vegetables that breaks down bad estrogen metabolites, and turns them into good one's.

DIM also blocks estrogen receptor activity, preventing excess estrogen's from binding to your receptors, and wreaking havoc in your system.

DIM has the unique ability to turn on liver detoxification enzymes, which neutralizes, and flushes estrogen like chemicals right out of your body.

This is the go to supplement I've been using to remove estrogen mimic's from my system.

The supplement works great in most situations, but if you get hit long and hard by any chemical, the DIM may not be able to keep up with the onslaught.

This is where the Calcium D Glucarate enters the picture!

To keep those bad estrogen's at bay, take a moderate dose of DIM (1/2 half a capsule or less), combined with anywhere between 500 and 1500 mg of Glucarate.

Again, start at the lower range and work your way up from there.

My testing has confirmed that the combination above can process toxic estrogen metabolites in real time, preventing that Testosterone / Estrogen imbalance, that can ruin a man hormonally for days after exposure to the wrong chemical.

Dennis from NJ Asked:

Hello Mark,

What, no references this time?


Hello Dennis,

My bad partner, here you go...

While reading these studies, note the common theme here is reduction of hormonal driven cancers of the breast and prostate...cancers both driven by estrogen levels gone wild.


Dietary glucarate as anti-promoter of mammary tumorigenesis

D-glucaric acid as a prospective tumor marker

Dietary glucarate-mediated reduction of sensitivity to chemical carcinogenesis

Putative metabolites derived from dietary combinations of calcium glucarate

Finally, here's the original email broadcast that started all this just in case you missed it...

The Wonder Pill That SUCKS Estrogen Right Out Of Your System

Calcium Glucarate dosage

Most of my new discoveries now came from men on this email list.

At around 4 thousand subscribers and growing, we've got a MASSIVE brain trust going here, with me acting as the filter and funnel.

Not all suggestions make it back to this list‚ as some are unpractical, while others are totally over the top...

From single guys bringing in "Hired Help" to get the "Edge with a Partner" thing going (two that I know of so far), to a married guy who's smells a certain part of his wife's anatomy before heading to work every morning.

Not bad suggestions, but like I said, not always practical.

But today's tip falls directly into the practical category, and we have my compadre Bruce to thank for it.

The item we're going to discuss today is Calcium Glucarate, a supplement every single one of you should be using.

I hadn't even heard of the stuff before Bruce sent the email, but after a half an hour of research a bottle was on it's way to my front door.

I've been using my Calcium D Glucarate along with DIM, and I can honestly say, this is a supplemental marriage made in heaven.

DIM and Glucarate work in concert together to remove xenoestrogens (estrogen mimic's) from pesticides, plastics, cosmetics, exhaust fumes, and other chemicals from your system.

DIM moves these toxic estrogen metabolites into your liver and intestines, then the Calcium D Glucarate takes over and flushes them out of your body in double time.

I've used this combination in several critical situations, and have been EXTREMELY impressed by the results.

I was recently stuck in a limo with a woman wearing a boatload of what can only be described as Rat Poison Perfume.

I'm talking TOXIC levels here, that were so bad I almost embarrassed my wife by calling this woman out on it.

This type of exposure would normally send me into a tail spin, bringing on headache, spaciness, irritability, and a testosterone crash the following day.

But this time around, I developed an ever so slight headache that disappeared as soon as I got out of the car and sucked in a few breaths of fresh air.

In other words, this combo did something that no other product has ever been able to do...remove a toxic dose of xenoestrogens out of my system in Real Time!

Since that first experience, I've used it on several other occasions, and it's pulled through for me 100 percent of the time.

From here on out, I plan on using this supplement combo when...

  • Driving Smog Filled Freeways
  • My Nipples Become Sore, Itchy or Sensitive
  • ANYTIME Estrogen Driven Weight Gain Begins Creeping In
  • I Become Irritable, Spacey, or a Develop a Hormonal Headache
  • Locked in Close Quarters With Other People (my limo example)
  • I have Difficulty Getting My Urine Stream Started At Night
  • My Testicles Begin to Shrink in Size or My Ejaculation Volume Drops


  • Any other time I'm exposed to estrogenic chemicals, from foods, paints, plastics, or airborne pollutants.

I suggest you follow this exact same advice.

You can start the process by checking out the User Reviews on amazon.com

These testimonials will give you a good feel for how effective this supplement is, for men and for women.

You can check pricing and read reviews on DIM HERE


Avoidance of these estrogen mimicking chemicals is ALWAYS the best policy, but you and I both know that's not always possible.

When that time comes, and you get hit by a strong dose of testosterone busting chemicals, pull out your Calcium D Glucarate...

Then use it to prevent these feminizing agents from wreaking havoc on your hormonal system.

Here's the Link

Calcium Glucarate Estrogen to Reduce Male Estrogen

Calcium Glucarate Estrogen to Boost Low Testosterone

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