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Pills Muscle! Natural Bodybuilding Supplements!

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Here's a simple and effective supplement program you can use to pack on the muscle without the use of steroids.

This stuff is all over the counter, not that expensive, and very effective. Use some commons sense, and you'll avoid any unwanted side effects...

First we're going to work on boosting testosterone levels using,

Natural Testosterone Boosters

You need to have enough of these on hand so you aren't using either one more than a day or two a week. I prefer to use mine once a week, than take a full 7 days off. Following this system, I get a nice kick each time I dose.


Take any supplement too often, and you'll build up a tolerance, and it will stop working...

Male Estrogen

Once we've gotten the testosterone levels up, we need to ensure that excess T is not converted into estrogen.

What's the use of boosting T if all is going to do is convert to estrogen. Excess E will make it almost impossible to put on muscle, so we need to keep it in check.

Here are the three supplements I use to keep a lid on the estrogen.


Nettle Root


Increase Free Testosterone Levels!

In most men, more than 50 percent of total circulating testosterone is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), and most of the rest is bound to albumin.

Since only the free or nonprotein bound testosterone is usable by the body, it's important to supplement in order to keep free testosterone levels at optimum levels.

Despite the hype surrounding numerous T boosting products, at this time I know of only one supplement that really works to free up bound testosterone.

It's called Avena Sativa. I use it twice a week, and it's been very effective for me.

Legal Steroids?

It doesn't take hundreds of dollars worth of supplements and pills to pack on muscle. Follow the guidelines above, then work to ...

Reduce Male Estrogen

Eat Testosterone Boosting Foods

Do Testosterone Boosting Exercises

And you'll become lean, muscular, and fit, guaranteed!



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