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Men Desire & Sex Drive!

by Richard
(Rochester, NY)


I have very low Testosterone levels.

Here's my situation,

I'm 43 with what most men would consider a very attractive wife, who's 8 years younger than me.

I have no interest or desire to have sex with her any longer.

I know part of it is, that I've been with her for 11 years, and the excitement has worn off, but that's not all of it.

I rarely even look at other women any more, which is not like me at all.

From the age of 14 up until about 3 years ago, I had a very high Sex Drive, so I know something has gone way south in the hormone department for me.

I also rarely get Erections, even in the morning. When I do get it together and the wife and I have sex, the erections are weak, and not hard like they were in the past.

I'm not here to ask a question, because I've been consuming your site for the last two days, and I know what I need to do now.

The exercise starts tomorrow, and my Testosterone Supplements are already on the way.

I'm finally excited again about what lays ahead for me, and I'm looking forward to getting my life back!

I'd like to congratulate you on your site, and all the excellent information you provide for men like me.

I'm convinced now that I have the power to change my life, and I'm looking forward to doing just that.

Warm regards,

Men Desire & Sex Drive!

Hello Richard,

Thanks for sharing your story, and for the feedback on my site, I appreciate it.

Enjoy the journey as you transform your life. I can guarantee you, all the effort will be worth it.

Your focus on your erections is spot on in my opinion.

Use them as a gauge or a barometer.

From here on out, when you wake up with Morning Wood, you'll know that your testicles have been busy while you were sleeping.

Busy manufacturing testosterone and other male hormones, just as mother nature intended.

That hard morning erection is a clear signal that today, you're going to be full of energy, motivation, and sex drive.

Take advantage of this life force, and build on it.

Transform your body, complete all those tasks you've been putting off for so long, and find a new passion in life that will put a fire in your belly.

Remember, it's not just about the libido....

It's about living the one life you have here on earth to the fullest!

And finally...

Take your wife back to the bedroom, and start having sex with her again!

Good luck!

Men Desire & Sex Drive to
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