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Marijuana and Testosterone!

How Weed Suppresses Male Hormones

marijuana and testosterone

Marijuana and Testosterone!
How Weed Suppresses Male Hormones

Hi Mark, thanks for a great site,

I have to tell you I have always been into supplements and never started getting good results from the boosters till I started cycling properly after reading your site.

On another note, after reading up a little, I found that sperm takes up to 4 months to fully develop, so it makes sense that if you smoke weed at any time during that period your sperm will be affected.

Anyway, for me this has had one of the biggest positive effects on sleep, strength of erections, ejaculate volume, libido, the whole box and dice.

I think I was doing everything right before, except this one nasty habit was almost canceling out all the good efforts in the gym and with my diet..something to ponder for your readers.

Thanks again and forever improving!


testosterone and marijuana

Marijuana and Testosterone!
How Weed Suppresses Male Hormones

Hi John,

Good move dumping the excessive marijuana habit, as weed lowers testosterone, leutenizing and follicle stimulating hormones all at the same time

And once these good guys exit the premises, they leave the door wide open, allowing the stress hormone, cortisol to walk right in.

But the damage doesn't stop there…

Nitric oxide and acetylcholine levels also decline, which severely decreases your ability to achieve a potent erection.

Your sperm are next up on the list…

A study out of State University of New York in Buffalo found that a large percentage of hardcore marijuana smokers are right on that borderline of infertility.

Many can still conceive, but it doesn't come easy…and a certain percentage lose the ability altogether, due to suboptimal sperm performance.

In these men, sperm come flying out the gate after an ejaculation, but then fade fast.

Other studies have linked chronic marijuana use to testicular atrophy, gynecomastia (man-boobs), and reduced serotonin production.

If you've ever met a big time marijuana smoker, who's constantly stressed, uptight, and nervous until he takes that first hit, now you know why...

Reduced serotonin along with elevated cortisol…an ugly combination indeed!

The weed will medicate you out of this toxic hormonal state, but the effects are only temporary.

Once the buzz wears off, this situation will quickly rear it's head again, meaning you've got to go roll another one.

Keep chasing this pain train, and you're going to turn into what I call a perpetual.

Perpetual as in, you can no longer function normally, on a day to day basis, without getting high...perpetually.

In other words, high now feels WAY better that real life does…and without the high, you simply cannot be a happy man.

marijuana and testosterone

Of course I'm talking extreme here, and occasional use won't lead you down this path.

But I do need to warn you before you go dust off that bong of yours…

The average potency of all marijuana in the US, based on THC content, is up to a whopping 8.52 percent.

The national average back in 1978 was a mere 1.37 percent.

In other words, marijuana on average, is MUCH more potent than it was 25 or 30 years ago.

This means that the negatives described above, are more likely to come on with much less frequent usage.

Anyway, you experienced all of this first hand John, and have already figured this stuff out.

For all you other chronic users out there reading this, here's how I suggest you look at the situation…

Getting high feels good for an hour or two, but that buzz definitely comes with a price.

Now that you know the facts, it's up to you to decide if that high is worth the price you are going to pay.

Thanks for your feedback John, I appreciate it!

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