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Male Supplements! The One Rule You Must Never Break!

by Mike

Male Supplements! The One Rule You Must Never Break!

Hi Mark!

I am really glad I came across your site.

I have a question or two:

(1) I will follow your advice and cycle 7 Testosterone Boosters, however, I also take DIM and another one called Epilobium.

Should I cycle these supplements as well, and what cycle do you recommend? Part of the 7-day one-supplement-a-day cycle?

(2) I have 600 mg strength Tongkat Ali. The producers (reputable) recommend twice a day on a 7 day on and 4 day off cycle, but you recommend 1 day on and 1 day off.

Any comments on this?

(3) I have L-Arginine, could I use this also as part of the 7-day cycle you recommend?

Thanks very much in advance...

Male Supplements!
The One Rule You Must Never Break!

Hi Mike,

I'm going to start with question number 2, because I hear it all the time...

The bottle says this, but you say that...what should I do?

Here's my take!

If you're smart you'll ignore the instructions on the bottle entirely.


Because chronic supplementation with any testosterone boosting herb is doomed to failure from the start.

The funny thing is, you already know this Mike.

Think about it...

You've got the tongkat sitting in your medicine cabinet right this very second!

If you could just drop a couple of caps 20 days a month, and be good to go, this conversation would be entirely unnecessary.

Keep in mind, I've been down the path you're traveling right now.

I bought the over-hyped-overpriced Indonesian tongkat, and followed the system to a T.

To say I was excited when the box finally arrived at my door step would be the understatement of the century.

I was even more excited after taking the first dose.

I remember thinking to myself, WOW! I've finally found it...this stuff is unbelievable!

The company I bought from recommended a 20 day cycle, and I was going to work the system exactly as they described.

I was definitely not going to mess this one up!

But I didn't make it 20 days...As a matter of fact, I didn't even make a week.

Nope, by day 2 I got slapped across the face with a cold hard reality.

The reality that sex drive supplements work the first time you take them, but the buzz never does last.


You have the discipline to jump off the wagon, right at that moment when you really want more.

Of course, we've softened the landing, made it easy for you...

Follow our system, and when you put that supplement down there's always another one waiting in the wings, ready to go.

These are the principles of my supplement cycling system.

Always keep your body off balance, guessing, and unsure of what's coming next.

Never take any of your T Boosters more often than once a week, and you'll shut your negative feedback loop down cold.

Do this, and your supplements will deliver the goods you're looking for each and every time you take them.

Male Supplements!
The One Rule You Must Never Break!


You can find the answers to your DIM question HERE.

Regarding Arginine, I typically take mine 3 or 4 times a week. That seems to work best for me, but your YMMV.

Play around with dosages and frequency, and see what works best for you.

Good luck!

Male Supplements The One Rule You Must Never Break
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