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Male Estrogen Blocker!

by Galen
(Palatine, Il)


This site is a breath of fresh air compared to all the meaningless garbage and bad advice given on hundreds of other similar sites.

I have been researching and practicing T Boosting for several years (I'm 57 and need it) and have come to similar conclusions about cycling and exercise.

You have opened my eyes though to your comments about supplements, which has given me some homework to do.

My question is concerning Estrogen blockers.

Do you use many of these i.e... Chrysin, DIM, Nettle root, Calcium d-glutarate, with your testosterone boosters, and if you do, are they cycled also?

Again, I love your site and keep up the good work.

Honest opinions with experience and no B.S.


How to Cycle a Male Estrogen Blocker!

Hello Galen,

Thanks very much for the feedback on my site, I appreciate it!

Your question regarding estrogen supplements has come up a few times lately.


Male Estrogen Supplements

The bottom line is, listen to your body...

Itchy inflamed nipples?

Difficulty urinating at night?

Having an exceptionally high testosterone day?

If the answer is ever yes to any of the above, take an estrogen supplement.

As far as cycling, yes I do rotate them.

I have a thing about taking any single supplement too often, as I feel side effects are more likely to occur with chronic use.

Plus, the body seems to respond better when products are only used occasionally.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for you question!

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