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Low Muscle Mass & Weight Gain Caused By Elevated Estrogen Levels

by Mateusz

Low Muscle Mass & Weight Gain Caused By Elevated Estrogen Levels

Dear Mark,

I'm a 21 year old guy with a high testosterone level (over 1000 ng/dl).

However, if you were to take a look at me, I bet you wouldn't guess that I'm packed with testosterone.


I'm not muscle-bound, I have sore, protruding nipples (gyno-like) and my body fat level is not impressively low.

It's not that I'm fat, but I guess you would expect much more from a guy whose T-level is so high.

I exercise regularly with adequate intensity, have a relatively healthy diet, and yet I often experience symptoms which are typical of guys with low T levels - negative thinking, low self-confidence, lack of energy.

Of course, I have days when I'm highly energized and optimistic, but I'd like to have such a positive attitude most of the time.

So, my question to you is: do you think that I might have high estrogen levels (my nipples, mood etc).

And what would you recommend me to do to build some muscle without gaining excessive fat?

Unfortunately, I gain fat very easily, which is one of the reasons I'm afraid of getting extra pounds.

If you have any ideas of what I should do to get better, I'd be more than grateful.

I do want to make some significant change in my life.

Best wishes,

Low Muscle Mass & Weight Gain Caused By Elevated Estrogen Levels

Hello Mateusz,

When a man has too much estrogen in his system, testosterone takes a back seat.

So all that muscle that SHOULD be dressing up your body, is nowhere to be found.

The confidence disappears too, and with it goes the positive attitude, and the boundless optimism that a man with high testosterone should have.

I can't tell you with absolute certainty that you do have high estrogen levels, but the clues are all there.

You can test this out pretty easily if you'd like, and I highly recommend that you do.


For a solid week, make it a point to avoid all forms of alcohol, drugs, and OTC medications.

Food should be limited to grassfed beef, clean cold water fish, eggs, avocados, and fruit in moderation.

Sure, this diet will be a challenge, but remember, we're only talking about a week here.

Of course, I'd also avoid estrogenic chemicals like the plague, including that deodorant you smear under your arms every day.

Who says a man shouldn't actually smell like a man every once in a while.

Once I had a grip on all the above, I'd cycle the following 3 supplements, taking each one every 3rd day.



Nettle Root

Right around day 3 of this experiment, I'd start paying very close attention to my nipples, and to my nocturnal urination sessions.

If the nipple inflammation went down, and it became awfully easy to get a pee started at night, I'd know that good things were starting to happen.

That the estrogen that had been holding me back for so long, tempering my manhood, had finally been taken care of.

At the end of this trial, I'd loosen up a little on the guidelines above in order to make these changes a PERMANENT part of my lifestyle program.

Then, I'd go out and take advantage of all that testosterone mother nature had blessed me with.

Low Muscle Mass & Weight Gain Caused By Elevated Estrogen Levels


You asked how you could build muscle without gaining fat.

The short answer is, you won't, especially if you follow the diet detailed earlier.


Muscle has no correlation with body fat whatsoever, beside the fact that it burns it up 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

That tired old tale that says unused muscle somehow magically transforms itself into body fat is just that, a fairy tale.

So go out and get all the muscle you can, then do whatever it takes to hang onto it for life.

And remember this as you move forward...

You breezed through this hormonal crisis, relatively unscathed, because of your youth.

Let the muscle fade, and the body fat accumulate, and that high testosterone level of yours won't be high very much longer.

Of course you're too smart to let that happen, right?

Low Muscle Mass & Weight Gain Caused
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