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Inflamed Nipples! Sugar & Elevated Estrogen in Men!

by Leo
(London, England)

Inflamed Nipples! Sugar & Elevated Estrogen in Men!

Hey Mark,

I've been using your site for a little while and I feel 10 times better then before, but I have one question.

For a long time, I've had puffy nipples due to high male estrogen.

I got an estrogen blocker, but it hasn't helped much because I'm addicted to sugar.

Is there anyway I can get rid of my puffy nipples??


Baner 250 x 250

Inflamed Nipples!
Sugar & Elevated Estrogen in Men!

Hi Leo,

It's good you're taking this situation seriously, because puffy nipples can lead to inflamed, feminine looking breasts over time.

If there's no hard lump below your nipple, you're a lucky man, as this means full blown Gynecomastia has not set in yet.

If this is the case, it's extremely important that you take steps right now to prevent this from happening.

Here's how...

That excess sugar you're pouring down your gullet is a big part of the problem here.

Think about this for a moment...

In nature, concentrated forms of sugar and refined carbs are not readily available.

This means that your ancestors, the very same people who gave you your genes, had no access to cakes, cookies, sodas, candy, and other high carb foods.

They ate fish, meat, nuts, seeds, and fruit when it was in season.

Based on your comments, I'd bet money that the foods above make up a small portion of your diet.

Why is this a problem?

Because when you replace the foods above, with high glycemic carbs and sugar, you disrupt the delicate hormonal balance in your system.


Insulin levels skyrocket within a matter of minutes after you consume a sugary, high carb meal.

And this excess insulin in your blood stream does some very nasty things to your estrogen cycle.

Let me explain...

The estrogen in your system travels through your blood in one of two ways....alone and looking for an estrogen receptor to bind with,


Together with a protein binder which prevents it from binding to your estrogen receptors.

Excess unbound estrogen's are dangerous, because they can lock onto the receptors in your breast tissue, leading to inflamed nipples, and ultimately full blown gyno.

This is the natural state of affairs in the fairer sex, where unbound estrogen stimulates the female breast to prepare for possible fertilization.

Unfortunately, this breast tissue stimulation can also happen to a man who allows his unbound E levels to climb too high.

On the other hand, bound estrogen linked to a protein binder is relatively benign, as it does not attach to estrogen receptors in your breasts.

Now here's the kicker...

Insulin regulates the number of protein binders in your blood stream.

The more insulin you have floating around in your system, the fewer protein binders you will have.

To take this to it's most basic level, when you eat a lot of sugar you increase the amount of gyno promoting estrogen's in your system.

It's that simple.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind...

If you're supplementing with Testosterone Boosters, stop now.

This estrogen problem needs to be your main priority.

Once you get things under control, then and only then, should you start worrying about your testosterone levels.


Make it a point to avoid Hormone Disruptors in your environment. These chemical agents can wreak havoc on a mans hormonal system.

Especially a man who is already estrogen dominant!


If you're carrying excess weight, I highly recommend that you do whatever it takes to lose the extra baggage.

Once the weight is gone, make it a point to replace the lost fat with muscle.

This transformation will be very easy for you if you have the discipline to drop the sugar and excess carbs.

If you need help designing meal plans, you'll find it HERE

The take home message is, if you want to look and feel like a man Leo, you need to start eating like one.

Good luck!

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Inflamed Nipples! Sugar & Elevated Estrogen in Men
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